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Van Fleet, Patrick

Department of Mathematics Chair, Professor, and Center for Applied Mathematics Director
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
OSS 201A
(651) 962-5552
OSS 201

Patrick Van Fleet has worked at the University of St. Thomas since September, 1998 when he was hired as Center for Applied Mathematics’ third Director.  He earned his PhD in 1991 at Southern Illinois University under the direction of Edward Neuman.  His areas of interest are wavelets and applications to digital image processing, spline functions and applications, and approximation theory.

Prior to coming to UST, Dr. Van Fleet held a postdoctoral position at Vanderbilt University (1991-1992) and was a regular member of the Department of Mathematics at Sam Houston State University.  While at SHSU, Dr. Van Fleet was a member of the Texas Regional Institute on Environmental Studies and worked in collaboration with the Department of Defense and Oak Ridge National Laboratory on a project that utilized satellite imagery to monitor animal habitats on military bases.

He has written several papers on spline functions and wavelets, authored two books on wavelets, and served as a (co-)principal investigator on five projects funded by the National Science Foundation.  While at UST, he has developed a course on wavelets and their applications, regularly taught a course on Fourier analysis and its applications, and directed over twenty undergraduate research projects.


Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses
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MATH 385 - 01 Methods/Numerical Analysis - T - R - - - 0955 - 1135 OSS 225

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- T - R - - -

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0955 - 1135


OSS 225

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4 Credit Hours


Patrick J. Van Fleet

Rigorous mathematical treatment of standard topics in numerical analysis including solutions to linear and nonlinear systems, interpolation, numerical integration and differentiation, differential equations, and iterative techniques in matrix algebra. This course provides a theoretical foundation for the numerical solution of mathematical problems. Offered Fall of even-numbered years. Prerequisites: A grade of C- or above in MATH 210 and 240, or permission of instructor

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