About CAM's Mission

The Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM) at the University of St. Thomas concentrates on the understanding, modeling, and solution of mathematical problems whose source is outside traditional academia.

The CAM's goal is to increase awareness of the uses of mathematics beyond the academic community. The strategy for achieving this goal is to foster cooperation and interaction between the university and business, industry, government, and other research institutions. Through such cooperation the university can provide its undergraduate students with the mathematical training and communication skills needed for careers as problem solvers in the mathematical sciences. As part of the Mathematics Department, CAM draws on the varied expertise of the mathematics faculty and will work with outside organizations to design and direct student projects. Conversely, the nonacademic "users" of mathematics can provide input and support to the CAM in the form of projects, student internships, undergraduate elective course design, and research funding. This two-way interaction will give students opportunities to apply mathematics to "real world" problems as they prepare to meet the challenges faced by our country's scientific, engineering, business, and industrial communities.

To advance this effort, the Center for Applied Mathematics actively seeks an interchange of ideas and problems with local business, industry, government, and research centers.