Center for Applied Mathematics

The Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM) supports and facilitates faculty and undergraduate student research in the Department of Mathematics at the University of St. Thomas.

The Center for Applied Mathematics aims to expose students to a variety of mathematical areas by offering the CAM Summer Research Program, student-oriented colloquia and seminars, and opportunities for industrial collaborations. Students have worked on a range of research topics including mathematical modeling of weather phenomena, mathematical biology, and financial mathematics. Our faculty and students have worked with companies such as Corning Inc., 3M, One Beacon, and U.S. Bank. In addition to supporting research, the CAM provides opportunities to present research findings at various national professional meetings.

Located in Room 225 of the O'Shaughnessy Science Hall (OSS), the CAM's computing environment includes a variety of personal computers and workstations with access to the entire university network and other campus computing facilities.