Tuition Refund Plan (TRP)


The cost of an undergraduate education is a significant investment; often second only to a home mortgage.  Students that are hurt or become seriously ill and must withdraw due to medical reasons stand to lose thousands of dollars.  While the University of St. Thomas does offer a generous refund schedule, it is most effective when withdrawal occurs early in the term.  Consequently, the University would like to inform you of an optional insurance plan that provides coverage options for tuition, mandatory fees, and on campus housing and board when a student must withdraw due to an approved medical condition.  The Tuition Refund Plan (or TRP) is administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.

Plan Protection

Subject to the program terms and conditions, if a covered student withdraws from classes due to a personal injury or sickness, the Plan will return up to 70% of the insured term tuition, mandatory fees, and optional room and board.  The schedule below highlights how the Plan extends beyond the University's refund schedule:

For Fall & Spring Terms if Withdrawal OccursUST Tuition RefundDewar TRP Tuition RefundStudent Receives
Through the 14th calendar day of the term 100% 0% 100%
The 15th - 21st calendar day of the term 80% 0% 80%
The 22nd - 28th calendar day of the term 60% 10% 70%
The 29th - 35th calendar day of the term 40% 30% 70%
The 36th - 42nd calendar day of the term 20% 50% 70%
The 43rd calendar day of the term & beyond 0% 70%


Important Items to Note Regarding the TRP 

  • Injury & sickness withdrawals must force the student to withdraw from all courses for the balance of the term and the conditions must be certified by a licensed physician.
  • Coverage must be obtained prior to the first class day. 
  • While the University understands the value of a tuition insurance program, the University of St. Thomas reminds students participation in such a program is completely optional.
  • Refunds for students recieving Title IV financial aid will be calculated according to federal guidelines.
  • The TRP coverage is only available to undergraduate students.
  • Coverage options are available for Fall & Spring and J-term.  There is no coverage available for summer term.  The premium will be billed by term. 
  • Students with a pre-existing health concern are eligible to enroll in this plan.
  • For a valid claim, withdrawal from all classes must occur prior to the end of the insured term.
  • Study away programs are eligible for TRP coverage for tuition only.
  • Room, meals, or other charges that are not billed or paid to the University cannot be insured.
  • Certain exclusions apply.