Refund Schedule - Graduate, Law, and Professional Students

The wide variety of schedules and programs available for graduate, law, and other professional level students make the refund schedule very complex. Accordingly, students are advised to consult their program's registration materials for specific refund dates, or contact their program coordinator for assistance.  Click to review the Graduate Refunds Schedule.

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees incurred when registering for a course.  Failing to attend or ceasing to attend does not constitute a withdrawal.  If a student wishes to no longer be enrolled in a course, the student must drop it by the deadline.

Please note that if a graduate student officially withdraws from the University of St. Thomas during a term in which federal aid was received, a calculation of "earned" versus "unearned" federal aid must occur. This federal policy assumes that aid is earned based upon the amount of time elapsed in the term. If federal aid was received, that aid may be reduced as a result of withdrawl. Before officially withdrawing from courses, students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office to discuss the situation.