Payment Options

The University is pleased to announce that it is one of the few universities in the country that allows students to attend classes before their initial tuition and fee payment must be made. There are two payment options available.

Student Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement is required to be completed as part of the admissions process. Contact the Business Office for additional information.

Extended Payment Plan:

  Fall Spring Summer
First payment: 1/4 of the account balance by Sept. 19th Feb. 19th  
First payment: 1/3 of the account balance by     June 19th
Second payment: 1/3 of the account balance by Oct. 19th March 19th  
Second payment: 1/2 of the account balance by     July 19th
Third payment: 1/2 of the account balance by Nov. 19th April 19th  
Third payment: all remaining balance by     August 19th
Fourth payment: all remaining balance by Dec. 19th May 19th  

If a student elects to make payments over the term of the semester a FINANCE CHARGE of 1.1% per month (13.2% ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE) is assessed on the monthly unpaid balance.

End of Term Payment Plan:

The university recognizes that many employers reimburse their employees for tuition and fees at the end of the semester. The End of Term payment plan‌ is available to students that do not receive financial aid, and whose employer reimburses him/her for at least 50% of the tuition balance based on receipt of a grade report for the corresponding term.

Under this plan, no tuition payment is required until the end of the term (see the schedule below for specific due dates). The student will incur a 1.1% FINANCE CHARGE each month on the unpaid balance throughout the semester. As mentioned above, this rate is lower than most credit card rates. To avoid this finance charge, the student may pay the full balance at the beginning of the term.

The payment schedule under this plan is as follows:

  Fall Spring Summer
Full payment is due Feb. 19th July 19th Sept. 19th
To avoid a finance charge, full payment is due Sept. 19th Feb. 19th June 19th