Student Check Cashing Policy

The privilege of check cashing is a service offered to University students in accordance with the following policies:

  • A valid University ID is required to cash all checks
  • Personal checks from students written to the University for cash- $100.00 per day limit
  • Checks made payable to the student from parents only- $100.00 per day limit
  • All University of St Thomas work study/payroll checks
  • Outside corporate employer's payroll checks- $100.00 per day limit
  • University of St Thomas student refund checks (Dollar limit subject to available cash on hand)
  • No student-to-student checks cashed
  • No third party checks cashed

Student Returned/Dishonored Check Policy

Returned/dishonored checks are taken seriously at the University. According to Minnesota Statutes 609.535 and 604.113 writing a returned or dishonored check is a misdemeanor. Therefore, the University will address returned/dishonored checks in accordance with the following procedures:

  • A $30.00 charge will be added for each returned/dishonored check
  • The returned/dishonored check(s) and fee(s) will be charged to the student account
  • Two or more returned checks; check cashing privileges will be suspended
  • CC: University of St Thomas Public Safety on second, and all subsequent returned check letters
  • Refer to Minnesota Statutes 609.535 Issuance of Dishonored Checks and Minnesota statutes 604.113 Worthless Check Collections; excerpts of which address acts constituting a misdemeanor