Payment Card Acceptance on Campus

St. Thomas departments that have a legitimate business need to accept payment cards for goods or services have the following options available (subject to approval and/or restrictions):

Campus Merchant (Dedicated Merchant Account)

For departments with a consistent (high volume) transaction need or require a merchant account to work in conjunction with a third party application or hardware.  Not applicable to most departments.  For more information contact the Business Office.


An online application that allows departments to easily create, manage, and operate online storefronts through which products (both tangible and intangible) can be sold, including event registrations.  Contact the Business Office for more information. 

Marketplace Point-Of-Sale (MPOS)

MPOS enables departments with Marketplace stores to accept secure in-person payments throughout campus and beyond.  Devices utilize P2PE encryption technology and are available for check out from the Business Office.