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Legal Studies in Business

The relationships between business, government and society play a prominent role in business.

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Understand how legal rulings impact business conduct and relationships with clients and consumers. St. Thomas is one of the only schools in the country to offer a degree in legal studies in business, and the knowledge we offer is invaluable.

What You Study

Our curriculum is designed to enhance your knowledge of laws crucial to business, such as contract, intellectual property, corporations and employment law. The goal is to provide a critical framework for analyzing the legal implications of business decisions, the business implications of legal decisions and the ethical implications of both. 

After intensive study—many students even take the concentration to see if law or law school is a fit for them—you will graduate able to understand and manage legal risks in the business world.

Although the faculty hold law degrees and have extensive legal experience, the Legal Studies in Business program is not intended to be a pre-law program. However, if you are considering a legal career, this concentration can test your interest in law.

How We Support Your Learning

All legal studies students are assigned an ethics and legal studies faculty member as their major adviser. You’ll also have an opportunity to interact with faculty and Twin Cities legal professionals through membership in the Legal Studies in Business Club. Many students also take advantage of internships to build career potential.

Typical Legal Studies Jobs

HR manager
Benefits administrator
Contracts administrator
Investment manager
Occupational safety manager
Environmental protection agency
Courts administrator

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