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Leadership & Management

Take the executive-eye view.

The leadership and management program provides a broad look at the science and art of getting things done. You will develop your philosophies and skills for leading people and managing projects across all aspects of an organization. 

You will also acquire the concepts and tools to establish an organization’s long-term visions and goals, as well as oversee and improve upon its daily routines. Regardless of the industry, people with these skills are universally valued.

What You Study

The leadership and management curriculum provides the concepts needed to be an effective leader. You will study the effects of organizational change and culture on managing people and achieving goals, plus the challenges of leadership in diverse cultures. For the most relevant experience possible, we combine classroom work with live project management within a local organization.

How We Support Your Learning

Students in this program are assigned a major adviser from our Management faculty, all of whom have a unique combination of real world insight and commitment to students’ life and career paths. Many students also take advantage of the networking and social activities of the Management Club as well as internships in the Twin Cities area.

Leadership & Management Jobs

Business analyst
Management trainee
Project manager

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