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International Business

It is critical for business leaders to have hands-on experiences and knowledge of the way business gets done across borders and cultures.

From corporate sourcing for the State Department and Foreign Service, to business development departments in state government and nonprofit organizations, graduates with international backgrounds are in high demand. Companies are interested in hiring people who have skills in business, as well as language skills and the experience of living in a foreign country.

What You Study

The international business concentration will focus first on domestic business to develop an appropriate context before expanding your study into international business. In addition to business courses, you will take courses in intercultural communication, economics and foreign language. You will spend at least one semester studying abroad to gain an understanding of the cultural and living conditions of the country you have chosen, and you will take elective business courses taught in the language of the host country.

How We Support Your Learning

Vital to making the most of this experience—as well as your entire undergraduate study—is the advising you receive from one of our experienced faculty. Additionally, international business majors expand their knowledge and improve their skills in a second language through membership in a UST language club.

Typical International Business Jobs

Special events manager
International banking specialist
Sales representative
College recruiter
Customer relations


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