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Family Business

Family business is the most common type of business organization in the world, and one that provides unique challenges for the family and the business.

The concentration in family business is for students who are thinking about working in their own or other family businesses. Gain the business knowledge necessary to understand business performance, make strategic decisions, and to work with family members in managing and governing a business.

What You Study

Through curriculum programmed in part by the Family Business Center, you’ll learn conceptual tools and approaches that assess strengths and challenges. Graduates understand ways to manage family and business interaction, problem solving and planning. Term projects apply course concepts to help improve the family business.

How We Support Your Learning

Because the family business courses focus on applying knowledge in family firms, parents or other significant family members are encouraged to audit those classes or to actively participate by reading class materials and helping students with many course assignments. Courses are designed to help families implement practices useful to their business.

Family Business Center

The Family Business Center is a vibrant learning community of business families, students, researchers and advisors and a trusted source of research, education and outreach. Committed to multi-generational success in business and families, we offer:

  • Family Business Breakfast Series – timely and educational networking breakfasts
  • Ownership Academy courses such as Financial Basics, Family Business
  • Governance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Family Business
  • Family business concentration for students through the Opus College of Business

Our offerings provide practical tools that are based on credible research and address the whole individual, family and business.

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