Course Policies for OCB Students

These policies apply to both graduate and undergraduate students of the Opus College of Business.

Academic Integrity Policy

Students are obliged to refrain from acts that they know (or, under the circumstances, have reason to believe) will impair the integrity of the university.

Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized multiple submissions, knowingly furnishing false or incomplete information to any agent of the university for inclusion in academic records and falsification, forgery, alteration, destruction or misuse of official university documents or seal.

As stated in the University of St. Thomas Academic Integrity Policy, the minimum sanction for cheating or plagiarism is failure on the work involved. It is the responsibility of all students to be fully aware of the conditions and consequences of violating the UST Academic Integrity Policy.

Policy on Student Access to Faculty

The UST Opus College of Business faculty recognize that student access to faculty is an important part of the University of St. Thomas educational experience. The faculty also recognize that regularly scheduled office hours alone do not meet the diverse needs of all constituents. Changes in technology, student demographics, and multiple campus locations create new challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, be it resolved that the UST Opus College of Business faculty maintains a policy on student access to faculty stating how students shall have access to faculty outside of class through a combination of office hours, phone, email, and other electronic communications. All faculty are required to be available by appointment for face-to-face meetings with students. Faculty should respond to voicemail, email, and other student-initiated communications within 48 hours on normal business days. Additional contact requirements or office hours may vary by program depending on each program’s needs, student population, and physical location, as determined by faculty and program staff.  Each course syllabus will describe the program’s general policy or provide a link to the policy URL.  Each course syllabus also will describe how the faculty member will implement the policy. 

Enhancement Program for Disability

In compliance with the University of St. Thomas policy and disability guidelines, your instructors are available to discuss academic accommodations that you may require as a student with a disability.

Students are encouraged to register with the Disability Resources office for disability verification and for determination of academic accommodations.

Appointments can be made by calling 651-962-6315 or 800-328-6819, extension 6315. Telephone appointments are available as needed. You may also make an appointment in Murray-Herrick, room 110. For further information, see the Enhancement Program on the Web.

Syllabus Disclaimer

The syllabus is not a contract, but a plan for action. The instructors reserve the right to alter its stipulations, upon prior notification to students, if and when educational circumstances warrant changes.

Additional Student Policies

In addition to these course policies for all Opus College of Business Students, additional policies govern expectations for graduate programs as well as undergraduate.

University Policies

  • Graduate Student Policy Book 
  • Undergraduate Student Policy Book

OCB Graduate Degree Program Policies

The University of St. Thomas is registered as a private institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.