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What is a Schulze School Entrepreneur? More.

University of St. Thomas entrepreneurs have a background in accounting, communication, finance, human resources, management, operations, marketing, sales and more.

“And more.”

And more means that our students go beyond what’s learned in a business school textbook. Using critical thinking skills, they create pressure for disruptive innovation, expand market coverage, are action oriented, find problems and don’t wait to move forward. They solve problems. They create meaningful change.

They are strategic, curious, hard-working and want to learn. They identify opportunities, evaluate them, develop a plan for prototyping and testing new ideas, bring them to market, test, retest, craft solutions to problems that may not exist yet, and more.

There it is again: “And more.”

Some see an entrepreneurial education as “general business.” Yes, our students look at business from a holistic point of view. Yes, they understand the terms across all aspects of business.

But they’re so much more.

What our students learn as entrepreneurs gives them a distinct advantage in many areas of business: they source and find suppliers, sell, market, find customers and manage financials. They provide structure to unclear circumstances by identifying the problem and alternatives, evaluating, reflecting, inspecting data and creating a plan of action.

As Schulze School entrepreneurs, they bring even more to the table. Students start a business in their very first class! That’s no small feat. They identify a need, talk to customers, understand profit and loss statements, solve a problem that matters to them, and bring a company to market in just a few months. Their first class! They’re first class.

There exists a shortage of the skill sets our students learn. Business leaders know this. They’re looking for this. When students leave the Schulze School, they’re educated to be world-class problem solvers, finding and solving problems that matter to them.

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