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Become a Mentor

You’ve probably had mentors during your career and understand the value of having someone guide you. Being a mentor to our students is a great way to help students be better prepared to enter the workforce or find success starting a venture.

A mentorship isn’t a huge time commitment. Students meet with their mentors once or twice a month, giving enough time between sessions for the student to make his or her own progress with the advice learned. Here are just a few reasons a mentorship might be right for you:

  • Gain an understanding of the next generation of employees and what makes them tick.
  • Every generation has its strengths; see what you can learn from this one to make yourself a better employee in your job.
  • Get an inside track on hiring bright young talent, trained to look at business and solve its problems… and meet their network.
  • Develop leadership skills and share your industry knowledge in the process.

The Schulze School places an emphasis on the need for students to find mentors, both for now and the future. Sign up and help point a student in the right direction now and for the future.

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