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Hire our Students

You want employees who are critical thinkers, action-oriented, self-starters and team players, who understands all aspects of business. We can supply you with those people.

Students who come through the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship understand the big picture, learning accounting, communication, finance, human resources, management, operations, marketing, sales and more.

They know how to create pressure for disruptive innovation, expand market coverage, and find and solve problems to create meaningful change for your company.

What our students learn as entrepreneurs gives them a distinct advantage in many areas of business: they source and find suppliers, sell, market, find customers and manage financials. They provide structure to unclear circumstances: identify the problem and alternatives, evaluate, reflect, inspect data and create a plan of action.

As a Schulze School entrepreneur, they bring even more to the table. Students start a business in their very first class! That’s no small feat. They identify a need, talk to customers, understand profit and loss statements, solve a problem that matters to them, and bring a company to market in just a few months. Their first class! They’re first class.

The world is in dire shortage of the skillsets our students develop. They’re ready for the challenges your company faces. 

Entrepreneurial Fellowship (subsidized internships)

The Schulze School has a program that pays half the cost of an internship. This Entrepreneurial Fellowship is designed to provide students with real world experiences, providing the full scope of operations and challenges facing entrepreneurial organizations. The basic parameters include:

  • The employing entrepreneurship firm must be early stage, where there is a clearly demonstrated need for financial support to bring a student intern on staff
  • Fellowship length of one term (approximately four months) or one summer
  • The maximum subsidy per Entrepreneurial Fellowship is $3,750
  • The student is an employee of the firm and the firm has all the rights and obligations as an employer

The Entrepreneurial Fellowship must have educational value on both ends. The student will gain broad exposure to the challenges of an early stage business, working on high-level tasks. The student will work with an entrepreneurship faculty member to get the most out of this experience intellectually, and create classroom value from the experience for other students to observe.

Students will prepare a resume and cover letter, and submit both documents to the hiring company. Students are not guaranteed an interview or internship.

Companies will provide job descriptions, including start and end date, and hourly rate. They will interview and hire and submit the final contract to Jon Keimig, All required paperwork must be complete before the Entrepreneurial Fellowship begins.

Become a mentor

Sign up and advise a student, while expanding your network. You may find a perfect fit!

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