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Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Leader

Framed by Theory. Forged by Practice. Focused by Values.

We Educate

Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to apply the entrepreneurial process to opportunities that inspire you

At the Schulze School, we train students to create environments where entrepreneurial ideas can flourish, to identify and evaluate new opportunities, and to transform innovations into sustainable businesses.

We approach entrepreneurial education through the lens of three interconnected modules of innovation

  • Opportunity recognition
  • Opportunity exploration
  • Opportunity exploitation

New and emerging concepts create opportunities to compete more efficiently in established markets and facilitate the creation of new ones. We provide the training to assess market needs and determine if a potential solution can meet them.

We teach students how to perform proper due diligence and ensure successful identification, acquisition or development of the solution prior to launch. Our students learn how to approach the market and potential solution, while avoiding mistakes in entrepreneurial practice, which sets them up to thrive.

We Are the Hub

From idea to execution: businesses grow here

For those of you who wish to create your future, we are here. The Schulze School of Entrepreneurship is the only of its kind within a business school, providing undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship programs, public entrepreneurial and business education, and opportunities for funding new ventures. 

In this hub of entrepreneurial thinking, you’ll find innovators, serial entrepreneurs, small businesses, change makers and future business leaders coming together to recognize, explore and exploit opportunities.

We are here for budding entrepreneurs, seasoned innovators and those who recognize their business needs a different approach to stay relevant. Our centers and institutes provide consulting, networking and small business incubators to help launch new endeavors and further solidify established ones.

Academic Program

We educate some of the brightest young entrepreneurs in the world (multiple Global Student Entrepreneur Award winners to prove it), teaching them to spot opportunities and become innovators, whether in their own company or as a leader in an existing one.

Our students follow their passions and create sustainable businesses that make meaningful changes in the lives of others.

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