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Student Achievement

Part-Time Flex MBA

Graduation Rate and Time to Complete Program

Graduation Rate 84.2%
Average Time to Complete 4.24 years

  Students Enrolled Average Years to Completions Degrees Awarded Graduation Rate
2005-2006 190 4.6 146 77%
2006-2007 135 4.1 117 87%
2007-2008 291 4.3 247 85%
2008-2009 275 4.1 231 84%
2009-2010 265 4.1 233 88%

NOTE: The program is self-paced for students to adapt their enrollment to meet their individual work/like/family responsibilities. Students have up to 7 years to complete their program.  Because of the 7-year window to complete the program, we do not have complete and accurate information on graduation rates and time to complete for students starting the program in 2010-11 and thereafter. However, we anticipate similar graduation rates and time to complete for those students. Note also that the majority of attrition from the program is due to changes in work and personal life, including job changes, relocation, and family changes (marriage, children). 

Post-MBA Success

Surveys of recent MBA graduates and alumni suggest that the MBA has a positive impact on earnings over time. The percentage of the Part-time Flex MBA respondents reporting incomes greater than $100,000 increased from 41.3% two years after the degree award to 64.5% five years after the degree.

Based on a survey of 2015-16 graduates, the following changes in career and professional status were expected by our graduates within 12 months of graduation:

  • 27% expect a salary increase 
  • 18.2% expect a promotion
  • 24.5% expect to receive new responsibilities
  • 8.8% expect a change in job functions
  • 18.2% expect to change employers 
  • 3.1% expect to start a new business

Please contact the program director for further information or questions regarding student achievement data. We will provide new information as it becomes available.

Corey Eakins
Program Director
Part-time Flex MBA & MS in Business Analytics
Opus College of Business
(651) 962-4228

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