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MSA Student Policies

The Master of Science degree in Accountancy is a program which uses the cohort model. The 31 credit core curriculum is established at the start of the program year and all students take all of the courses together. There are no electives and there is no part-time option available.

Only students admitted to and currently registered in the MSA program are allowed to take the courses offered in the MSA curriculum. All MSA students must take all of the courses in the program curriculum – no transfer credits are accepted and there is no credit by examination.

Students are registered for courses by program staff.

Due to the advanced technical nature of the content of MSA courses and the reliance on expert guest speakers, attendance is expected to be 100%.

Students who cannot meet their obligation to attend classes for whatever reason should contact the program Director to discuss their situation.

In addition to student policies governing all Opus College of Business graduate students, the UST MSA program (MSA) has established the following policies that are specific to the program.

Withdrawal from Courses

Due to the cohort structure of the MSA program, students are registered for courses by MSA program staff. All students are required to take the courses as they are set forth in the MSA curriculum. If a student does not attend or complete the course requirements, the program Director will arrange dismissal from the program without refund of tuition.

A student who is unable to start a class should consult with the MSA Program Director. If there is a compelling reason for not attending or completing course requirements, such as illness, the Director may, at his/her discretion, and upon petition from the student, move the student’s registration to the next cohort year. If a decision to withdraw or cancel a registration is made, the Program office will carry out the cancellation.

Class Attendance

Students who miss a class for a compelling reason shall inform the Program Director and contact the instructor to determine the makeup requirements for that class time. All reasonable effort shall be made by the student to inform the instructor and the Program Director in advance of class time.

Students who miss a class time without a compelling reason may be subject to additional assignments, reduction in grade, failure of the course, disciplinary probation, suspension or dismissal from the program.

Contingent Admissions

All admissions for applicants who have not completed their undergraduate degree and supplied final official transcripts will be contingent upon earning said degree, taking and satisfactorily completing specific coursework and maintaining academic standing as detailed in each admissions letter.

Course Credit Load Limits

Due to the cohort structure of the MSA program, the curriculum has been established with a required credit load of 31 credits overall.

Deferred Admission

Students who have been admitted to the program and have confirmed with a $500 deposit may request a one-year deferral from the program director. Granting deferment is entirely at the discretion of the director.

Degree Requirements

MSA students must:

  • Complete all degree requirements in place at the time of first matriculation, unless changes are required for compliance with licensure or accreditation.
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.
  • Must have earned 31 credits.
  • Must have earned all 31 credits at the University of St. Thomas Master of Science degree in Accountancy program.
  • Must complete all degree requirements before the degree will be awarded or posted to university records.
  • Must complete all work that might affect qualifications for the degree, including credit that will not be applied to the degree but might affect the grade point average.
  • Must complete the degree by the end of spring term following matriculation.

Dropping from Courses

Due to the cohort structure of the MSA program, students may not drop individual courses. With the exception of ACCT 781, dropping a course requires withdrawal from the program – see the Withdrawal Policy.

If there is a compelling reason a student cannot complete ACCT 781, such as illness, the director may, at his/her discretion, and upon petition from the student, make alternate arrangements for completion of this course.

English Language Proficiency

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of all students applying for admission to a graduate or professional program at the University of St. Thomas for whom English is not their native language. The minimum acceptable scores for the MSA program on the internet based test (iBT) are 22 for Listening, 22 for Reading, 26 for Speaking and 24 for Writing. Test scores must be current within two years. We will also accept a minimum of 7.0 on the IELTS.

Graduate Study Admissions: Undergraduate Degree Requirement

If your academic credentials are from a country other than the United States, please contact the MSA admissions office for approved evaluation providers, or the MSA program can make this service available for a fee. We require applicants' credentials to be at least the equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited U.S. institution.

Pass-Fail Grading Policy

ACCT 771 and ACCT 781 are graded Pass/Fail.

Repetition of Courses to Improve Grades

Students in the MSA program may not repeat a course to improve their grade. They may, however, petition the director for a remedy.

Submission of Final Grades/Transcripts

All students admitted to the MSA program must submit final semester grades to the MSA office by June 1st. In addition, all non-UST students admitted to the MSA program must submit an official final transcript with degree awarded by June 15th.

Transfer Courses Criteria

Due to the cohort structure of the MSA program, transfer credits are not accepted.

Withdrawal from All Classes

Due to the cohort structure of the MSA program, students who wish to withdraw from all registrations for a term must notify the program director in writing. A student deemed to have a compelling reason to withdraw, such as illness, may petition the director to re-start the program during the next cohort.

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