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Emerging Markets: Latin America

Buenos Aires, Argentina & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
January Term 2015

Buenos Aires, Argentina & Santiago, Chile
January Term 2017

Course Description

Companies are increasingly looking to do business in emerging markets if they are not doing so already. This new marketing elective will examine frameworks, strategies and practices for marketing in the emerging markets of South America. As with all marketing strategy, we will analyze contextual factors related to political, economic, social/cultural and technological aspects of life and business in Argentina and Brazil. We will further examine how these contextual factors impact marketing strategy and implementation. We will discuss which aspects of marketing in South America are applicable to other emerging markets (vs. unique to South America) and will compare to marketing practices in the United States.


This course is a field seminar. We will be visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to experience their cultures and observe firsthand how the business environment and marketing practices differ in these emerging markets. While in these countries, we will be visiting companies (usually two per day) of various sizes and from different sectors, meeting with business executives and engaging in cultural activities (e.g. city tours, tango show, etc.). As our time on the ground is limited, our days will be busy, including the weekend in Argentina. There will also be class sessions on campus before the trip to provide context and frameworks that will enhance the on-location experience, as well as one class session after the trip to summarize the key learnings from the experience. Students will be required to prepare for case discussions, complete a case write-up, attend all activities, maintain a daily reflections journal while on location and prepare a final paper.


Dr. Kevin Henderson, Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Lisa Abendroth, Associate Professor of Marketing


At least five core courses completed, including MKTG 600. Must be an active student in good standing with a GPA greater than 3.0.

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