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Global Financial Services (FINC 752)

Taipei City (Taiwan), Shanghai (China) and Hong Kong

January 9-20, 2015

Course Description

FINC 752 is an MBA seminar course that exposes students to a range of advanced topics related to the financial services industry. Unquestionably the centers of the emerging Asian market, Shanghai and Hong Kong are upcoming, cutting edge financial services centers. Taipei has also laid the groundwork as one of the leading centers of western business practices in Asia.

While Japan has a developed economy which is recognized by inclusion in the Morgan-Stanley Europe, Australia and Far East (EAFE) index of developed economies, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei over the past ten years have developed into the leading financial, banking, logistics and transportation hubs of the China region, the second-largest economy in the world. Further, since fundamental issues of market globalization and integration are present, the China course offers students a chance to see the effects of globalization and integration in a very personal way. 

The core rationale for the course is to provide MBA students with an opportunity to better understand the global financial services industry and to gain an exposure to non-U.S. points of view. 


The course is an integrated set of guest lectures and site visits geared towards giving students the most intensive and thorough exposure to the global financial services sectors. The lecturers represent a blend of academic and practitioner experts who work with Dr. Michael Sullivan, associate professor of finance, to achieve the course’s overall goals. 

There will be at least two classroom seminars each day. A variety of speakers from the financial services industry of the China regional market will present their descriptive sessions, which will summarize each firm’s economic activity, outlook and emerging opportunities. In addition to the classroom component, students will participate in a number of cultural activities to create an immersive experience.   


Dr. Michael F. Sullivan, Associate Professor of Finance


FINC 600, or instructor approval. Must be an active student in good standing with a GPA greater than 3.0.

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