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Marketing in a Mega-market (MKTG 714)

New Delhi & Mumbai, India

January 2-14, 2018

Course Description

How exciting and challenging is it to do business in a country that (a) is the world’s largest democracy, (b) has a population of over one billion people, (c) is divided into 29 states and 7 union territories, and (d) has over 15 official languages? This global elective is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find out firsthand.

Over the past two decades, India has emerged as a powerful economic player on the world stage. Experts across the globe are unequivocal in their opinion about India as an important business destination owing to its exceptional rate of economic growth over the past few years, its burgeoning middle class, and its commitment to democracy. A recent Economist article suggests “India has a rare opportunity to become the world’s most dynamic big economy” (Economist print edition, Feb 2015).

While we may read many media reports on "India Inc.," it is difficult to truly appreciate how the confluence of socio-cultural, economic, technological, infrastructural and political elements gives rise to the excitement and frustrations of doing business in India. Our J-term class will offer students a fabulous opportunity to visit the country, meet its citizens and learn from business professionals about how they navigate such a complex business environment.


This course is divided into two parts. During the fall semester of 2017, there will be two on-campus sessions (three hours each- one in November and one in December; dates TBD). These sessions are intended to give students an exhaustive understanding of the Indian context (from historical, socio-cultural, economic, and political perspectives) and prepare them for their upcoming visit to India. The total readings for the two on-campus sessions will consist of reading a book, 4-5 HBR type articles and one case. Please note that the readings are front-loaded during the pre-travel portion of the class so that you are fully prepared for your visit.


Avinash Malshe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing
Michael DeVaughn, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management


MKTG714 (India: Marketing in a Mega-Market) is available to active graduate business students in good academic standing who have completed MKTG600 or MKTG625.  Students from other UST graduate programs may be eligible with the instructors’ permission. Students should expect a workload similar to a regular MBA course with readings, case discussions, written deliverables, etc.

MKTG714: India 2018 - Program Description

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(Applications now closed for J-term 2018)

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