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Student Policies

In addition to student policies governing all Opus College of Business graduate students, the UST Healthcare MBA program (HCMBA) has established the following policies that are specific to the program.

Policies last updated 03/01/10

Attendance Policy

Students enrolled in the Health Care UST MBA program have responsibility for their own learning and also the responsibility to contribute to the learning of all other members of the cohort. Students enrolled in the Health Care UST MBA program are required to attend all class days for each course. If illness or other extenuating circumstances necessitate absence from class, the student must contact the faculty teaching the course and the Health Care UST MBA program office at 651-962-4128.

Classroom Participation

Health Care MBA students depend on one another for much of the learning during the time the class spends together. It is expected that students will prepare for class participation through reading and reflection on the assigned materials and that each student’s participation in class with further the group process or add to everyone’s learning on the topic at hand. Learning is the responsibility of the student, on whom it is incumbent to learn by whatever means or method used by the faculty.

Computer Proficiency

Health Care MBA students must have access to a computer (with Internet access) and be proficient in word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and e-mail programs. Students are encouraged to use the operating systems and software supported by their employers. When a particular software package (e.g., simulation) is necessary to meet course requirements, it will be provided at no additional charge. To ensure maximum utilization of the UST Blackboard system, students should be familiar with the system requirements: See University of St. Thomas : Information Resources & Technologies : Browser Tune-Up . Students are strongly urged to check their UST email weekly or on any schedule defined by the faculty for a course.

Confidentiality Statement

Health Care MBA students not only apply their classroom learning to their jobs, they also bring to the classroom a great deal of their jobs and their organizations. Because of the nature of team assignments and classroom participation in the Health Care MBA program, students must be assured that their classmates and instructors hold all group discussions in the strictest confidence.  

Credit for Non-Traditional Experience

The Health Care UST MBA program does not award credit for non-traditional experience.  

Graduation Requirements

Health Care MBA students must earn 54 semester credits to meet graduation requirements. All courses in the Health Care UST MBA curriculum are required. A minimum grade point average of 3.00 is required for graduation.

Repetition of Courses to Improve Grades

A Health Care MBA student may not repeat a course for the purpose of improving a grade, with the exception of a failing grade. A student who receives a final grade of F in a course must retake the course (at an additional tuition charge) and successfully complete that course before continuing in the Health Care MBA Program. A grade of F will become a permanent part of the student transcript. An F grade is computed into the cumulative grade point average. When that course has been repeated, only the passing grade will be computed into the cumulative GPA, although the grade of F remains on the transcript.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The UST office of Enhancement Program - Disability Services provides academic accommodations to students with disabilities (physical, non-physical, short-term or long-term). Students should contact the director of the enhancement program at 651-962-6315 or go to Disability Services.

Transcript Requests

Requests for official transcript must be made in person or in writing to the office of the University Registrar. Orders are usually filled within two business days. There is a fee for transcripts. Contact the University Registrar’s Office at 651-962-6700 or online at: University of St. Thomas: Registrar: Transcript Request

Veterans Education Benefits

The graduate programs of the University’s College of Business are fully approved for veterans educational benefits. Once an incoming veteran has submitted the initial paperwork, the office of the program in which the student is enrolled automatically handles subsequent enrollment certification. A veteran taking six credits receives full-time benefits, while three credits constitute half-time benefits.

Withdrawal from Courses

In order to withdraw course registration, a student must notify the Health Care UST MBA program office of the intent to withdraw, on or before day 1 of class. The notification must contain the student's identification number, name, and the class or classes from which the student is withdrawing. If the student withdraws before day 1 of the course, no record of the class is made on the transcript. Withdrawals after day 2 of the instructional time will result in a notation of W on the transcript. Students who discontinue a class after the withdrawal deadline will receive the grade they earn in the class. If a student who is receiving federal financial aid notifies the university by any means of her/his intent to withdraw from all registration for a term, a notation of that withdrawal will be made in her/his record and federal financial aid authorities will be notified of the withdrawal effective the date of the notification.

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