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Academics and Curriculum

The Health Care MBA curriculum consists of 15 three-credit courses that combine online and classroom learning in a cohort model. 

Healthcare MBA classroom scene

Our core curriculum represents those courses determined to be critical in providing a solid overall business foundation with a health care focus. From strategy and finance to marketing, you will gain a broad business understanding that prepares you for leadership. 

You will learn the business foundation that can be applied to business models in all sectors of the economy. Your courses will examine best practices, management tools and trends from across industries and how to apply or modify them to new conditions or business models. You will establish mental models for ethical decision making and strategic leadership, and develop frameworks to think creatively about new opportunities and challenges.

Fall Semester, Year 1 – 3 courses

  • Leadership (MGMT 603)
  • Management of Organizational Behavior (MGMT 600)
  • Health Care: Systems Overview (MGMT 630)

Spring Semester, Year 1 – 4 courses

  • Strategic Management (MGMT 698)
  • Statistical Methods for Decision-making (OPMT 600)
  • Operations Management (OPMT 610)
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting for Executives (ACCT 607)

Summer Semester, Year 1 – 2 courses

  • Health Care Economics (GBEC 630)
  • Marketing Management (MKTG 600)

Fall Semester, Year 2 – 3 courses

  • Global Innovation (ENTR 700)
  • Financial Management (FINC 600)
  • Business Ethics (BETH 601)

Spring Semester, Year 2 – 3 courses

  • Integrative Project (MGMT 734)
  • Health Care Policy (MGMT 732)
  • Health Law Biomedical Ethics (BLAW 745)
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