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Student Achievement

The MS in Health Care Communication (HCC) curriculum delivers the expertise, skills and strategic planning insights asked for by employers and needed for career success.

Every graduate who was seeking immediate career growth accepted a new job or received a promotion while they were in the one-year MS in Health Care Communication cohort program. Those students averaged pay increases of nearly 20%, with most increasing annual income between $10-20K.

HCC Mentor and Practicum

One reason MS in Health Care Communication students are experiencing immediate career success is the required practicum which is designed to catapult a student's career foward. Each student works closely with a mentor who holds a position to which that student aspires in 10-15 years. This relationship often creates pathways directly to the student's next job or promotion.

In addition, every student contributes to a real world project, often at the mentor's organization, which assures each has a tangible example of the value he/she brings to a new position. 

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