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Graduate Certificates

In today’s evolving job market, building expertise in a specialized area can advance your career, helping you reach your goals in your chosen field or change career paths.

St. Thomas graduate certificates are designed as shorter programs of study— 4-6 courses completed in as little as 12 months of part-time study, allowing you to quickly put your new skills to work and make valuable contributions in your field. Graduate certificates are ideal for:

  • Individuals with undergraduate degrees who are considering a master’s degree or additional education and want to explore a professional area of interest.
  • St. Thomas Flex MBA students who desire an additional specialized credential as part of their degree program. 
  • Professionals with an MBA or other master’s degree who are ready to advance or change careers.

The Opus College of Business offers graduate certificates in these emerging fields and dynamic industries:

Business Analytics

Our certificate program will help you bridge the gap between data collection and data analysis. In just two semesters, you will gain and hone critical skills in statistics, data modeling, data analysis and industry analytics.


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Digital Experience

Through our graduate certificate you will gain expertise in digital strategy, marketing analytics, digital marketing platforms and channels, and people and project management. 

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Global Business

Through our graduate certificate you will explore global economic and political systems, learn to operate more effectively in multinational business environments, and broaden your cultural competence.

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Integrated Marketing Communication

If you are currently working in marketing communication, or wish to change lanes into that area, this certificate will allow you to gain knowledge and credibility through a stand-alone credential in Integrated Marketing Communication.  

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Strategic Growth

Through our graduate certificate MBA students or alumni will develop strategic thinking and financial acumen while exploring approaches to organic and external growth, including innovation, mergers and acquisitions, collaborative strategies, and global expansion.

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Strategic Risk and Responsibility

Through our graduate certificate MBA students or alumni will develop a strong understanding of corporate risk management, compliance, governance, social responsibility and sustainability – and a specific need for leaders with knowledge and skills across these critical functions, which are seldom optimally aligned in organizations. 

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