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Admission Process

The Full-time MBA program selects highly motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds based upon their potential to become principled global business leaders. We consider your entire application under the following criteria:

Academic Performance

We welcome applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree in any subject from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or the international equivalent. While many St. Thomas MBA students studied business at the undergraduate level, students who majored in the sciences, social sciences, liberal arts, engineering or other fields are also encouraged to apply. 

Work Experience

Most incoming St. Thomas MBA students have between three and eight years of full-time professional work experience prior to entering the program. The admissions committee strongly prefers that applicants have at least two years of work experience before enrolling.

Intellectual Aptitude

We review your scores on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as one indication of your potential to succeed in the Full-time MBA program.

Leadership Potential

We review your application, letters of recommendation and essays for demonstrated abilities to perform as a principled leader who achieves results. In addition, our interview with you is an opportunity to share your leadership potential and aspirations.

MBA Student Delivers a Presentation‌‌

All components of your application contribute to the admissions decision. Successful applicants demonstrate they have the intellectual skills to succeed in the academic setting, the professional background to participate in classroom discussion and the character to make a positive contribution to the St. Thomas MBA community as a student and alumnus.

Each file is evaluated on its individual merits and strengths. Keep regular contact with the admissions office during the process for support in building a strong file.

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