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Applied Learning

In the Full-time Flex MBA, you will practice what you are learning in live simulations and actual business environments. The confidence and expertise gained from this will help you confront and resolve the issues you encounter throughout your career.

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Discover what makes the St. Thomas MBA so relevant by exploring these practical application opportunities.

Leader Development

Gain insights into your own work strengths, motives, values and developmental needs.

Our lab instructor challenges you through a guided, hands-on personal leadership assessment, strategy and action throughout your 21 months in the program. You will develop personal statements of leadership, identify leadership personality strengths and potential pitfalls, practice your leadership abilities and evaluate yourself and your peers through 360 degree feedback sessions.

We refine your approach to leadership through active workshops on diversity management, reputation management and communication strategy (with the Public Relations Society of America), enlightening executive speakers and intensive discussions after visiting corporate leadership institutes.

Consulting Project

Far more than a theoretical exercise, student teams conduct a research project for a Minneapolis/St. Paul organization.

In the core course, Applied Business Research, student teams take on a consulting client. Clients include small business, major multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. While projects vary, each team is responsible for analyzing a major challenge the company is facing, collecting information and delivering practical solutions to the company's needs. This project is far more than a theoretical exercise that results in paper output. Rather, you will learn to define the scope of a project, identify questions that need to be answered, collect information and develop solutions that can be implemented to produce results. 

Capstone business simulation

The sophisticated business simulation project offered throughout the Full-time MBA is a launching pad for students in the first semester and a comprehensive capstone experience in the final semester.

Links Simulation team presentation

Teams make weekly decisions about opportunities, product development, strategy, production and positioning in the global marketplace. You’ll receive weekly feedback on sales results, market share, stock prices and bottom-line profits. The business simulation enables you to integrate all the elements of your MBA education: teamwork, analytical skills, communication skills, core disciplinary knowledge, strategic thinking and effective decision-making.

In the second year, each class elects CEOs who must then recruit and form their own leadership teams to run their simulated companies. Students call upon their core business knowledge, assess new challenges and implement plans of action. You will become exponentially better at identifying where the payoff resides in a range of choices, exactly what is asked of graduates in MBA-level positions.

Communication Labs

Enhance your ability to communicate skillfully using effective writing, persuasive speaking and successful media management. 

While the core curriculum provides you with solid skills in all core business functions, the communication skills gained through the labs are essential in order to transfer your knowledge to others, lead organizations and people and navigate your career.

Instructors in our communication labs are professionals who bring their experience coaching corporate leaders into the MBA classroom. Your presentations in core classes are captured on video, critiqued and evaluated by our communication instructors who provide invaluable feedback to your growth and development as an effective business leader.


Ethics lab work expands on concepts covered in all core classes and helps you discover real-life, real-time responses to situations in which values compete or conflict.

You will visit local companies to learn how ethical dilemmas arise as part of the daily practice of business. Our ethics lab instructor will show you how to bring your individual values to the workplace to foster organizational growth and ethical decision-making. 

Investment Fund Management

The Aristotle Fund is the university’s student-managed investment fund.

Aristotle Fund presentation

Established by a large gift from an anonymous donor, the Aristotle Fund is managed by graduate business students. This 6 credit elective course focuses on practical, hands-on experience in individual stock valuation and portfolio management. Student managers commit to a full nine months during the second year of the Full-time Flex MBA program. Students chosen through an application process manage the fund from September through May and have access to a trading room on campus where they can meet to conduct research and discuss strategy. They are responsible for all administrative duties necessary to manage the fund — trading, presentation materials and performance reporting. The time commitment for the course is substantial as the students are managing real money for the university.

Visit the Aristotle Fund's website »

Case Competitions

The full-time program encourages student participation in a variety of local and global case competitions.  Students have historically competed in the following programs:

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