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The Student Experience

The cohort experience will shape your education as much as your professors. You will form strong, supportive relationships while working on group projects, enrolling as a team in a local race or fundraiser, or meeting after class for a meal or a night on the town. Your experience as a student in the Full-time MBA will change you.

Networking at an event in Shulze Hall Atrium, Minneapolis campus

To foster and enhance long-lasting connections between our students, faculty and alumni, we offer networking events, student association events and immersive, applied learning opportunities that form the foundation for the St. Thomas MBA experience.


Affinity groups and industry associations provide a professional development and networking resource for St. Thomas students. These are just a few of the local and national organizations we are connected to.

MBA Women International (MBAWI)
National Black MBA Association
National Society of Hispanic MBAs
Net Impact

Networking Events

The Opus College of Business hosts a variety of events design to engage, educate and entertain. Students in the full-time MBA program are encouraged to attend as many events as possible to enhance their classroom learning, connect with graduate students in all programs and form meaningful contacts with alumni of the Opus College of Business.

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The St. Thomas MBA Credo

As part of the St. Thomas MBA program you join a distinctive community. As a Catholic university, St. Thomas places emphasis on the dignity and worth of every person, the love of truth and a commitment to using one’s education to make the world a better place for everyone to live and work. Membership in this community carries with it high expectations regarding the ways in which each person acts. All members of the MBA community are expected to honor the following commitments in all their actions:

  • A commitment to the highest standards of honesty and personal integrity – both inside and outside the classroom.
  • A commitment to treat others in a respectful manner, regardless of differences such as race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
  • A commitment to open discourse and free exchange of ideas.
  • A commitment to exercise mutual care and responsibility in all relationships.
  • A commitment to an active concern for the safety, security and well-being of each individual and a respect for individual, communal and university property.
  • A commitment to being an “active learner,” striving to the best of one’s ability to acquire knowledge and skills to become an effective, responsible leader in a continually evolving global business community.
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