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You have questions. We have answers.

Your needs are individualized, so it makes sense that your questions are, too. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions and can be reached at (651) 962-8800 or You can also take part in a live chat with an admissions representative. But if your questions need answers now, here are some quick answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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How are admissions decisions made?

Admission into the Full-time MBA program is a highly personalized process. The admissions committee carefully reviews an applicant's entire application package and makes their decision based on all the following:

  • GPA
  • GMAT score
  • Level of professional experience
  • Recommendation letters
  • Writing skills
  • Motivation and leadership potential (as assessed in an essay)
  • Interpersonal skills (as assessed in an interview)

After your entire package has been evaluated, the admissions staff will provide you straightforward advice on your options should you still have questions.

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How soon can I begin the Full-time Flex MBA Program?

Due to our integrated curriculum, we only admit students in the fall semester. Classes begin in mid-to-late August each year.

Are prerequisites required?

Applicants are expected to have knowledge of college-level algebra and economics. Statistics, accounting and calculus also provide a strong foundation for the Full-time MBA program, but are not required. We will also consider a strong quantitative section of the GMAT and other undergraduate math courses as adequate preparation for the program. If you do not have prior exposure to the necessary quantitative concepts, we may ask you to complete an online quantitative course prior to beginning the program. Your admissions advisor will let you know if that applies to you at the time of admission.


What GMAT/GRE score do I need for admission?

The Full-time MBA program accepts either GMAT or GRE scores to fulfill the official test score requirement of your application checklist. There is not a minimum score required for either test; your scores will be considered in conjunction with the other pieces of your application when making a final admissions decision.

I took the GMAT/GRE several years ago. Is my score still good?

Test scores more than five years old will not be considered.

Life at St. Thomas

Can I continue to work and attend this program?

It is not possible to work during the first two semesters (9 months) of the program. Your first two semesters are a full-time program in every sense of the word. You will spend as much time on program activities outside of class as you do in class. The structure and time commitments are simply not conducive to maintaining meaningful employment.

You will have the opportunity to begin earning income in the summer between your first and second year of the program through your summer internship. It is possible that your summer internship will be retained into the second year, or you could pursue other part-time opportunities or a Graduate Assistantship.

You can accept a full-time position after 16 or 21 months, depending on the program pace that you’ve chosen

Where can I find information on housing?

The University of St. Thomas Commuter Center maintains an online listing of housing options for students. These listings include apartments, houses and shared accommodations. The University of St. Thomas does not inspect any rental listings that appear on this list, nor does the appearance of a rental unit on this list indicate any university endorsement of either the owner or the property.

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