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Becoming a Member: UST-WWS Corporate Roundtable

Membership requires that you allow our research team to survey employees in your organization, as well as selected co-workers and supervisors. 

Benefits include a customized report for your employees, broken down in any way you find most helpful, whether that is by region, business line (e.g., sales force) or by various demographics you may be challenged to retain.

For example, you would receive a series of summary data similar to that represented below for each group of employees you identify as important. Combining this data with information similar to the results discussed in our project details section, explaining which elements of well-being relate most to performance or retention, you can concentrate your organization's efforts to move the needle on your employees’ well-being in areas that you know relate to performance or retention.



Additional benefits include round-table happy hour events twice per year in fall and spring, where members receive new results from the project and spend time brainstorming together, followed by networking. These events are sponsored by the Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration.

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