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How could this impact your business?

Recruiting and retaining top performing employee talent is a priority for most organizations. But winning and keeping this talent is only the beginning. Once they are members of your organization, you need your employees to be fully present, engaged and productive. New research is showing that resources directed at employee well-being impacts these employee-related outcomes. 

In order to spend these resources wisely, organizations need to know which elements of well-being and satisfaction with jobs are most related to the recruiting success, retention, “present-ness,” engagement and performance for their particular employees. This is evidence-based management at its best. Knowing where to spend company resources to make the most impact can be a competitive advantage when it comes to talent management.  

Participating in this study will give you the data you need to begin, and follow-up can help you prove that your efforts are paying off. Partnering with the UST-WWS team to survey your employees, their co-workers and managers will give you the data you need to engage in evidence-based investments in employee well-being.

Based on the results of the UST-WWS survey, your company will know which well-being domains are most strongly impacting performance, engagement and intention to quit. For instance, if you are concerned about turnover and through the survey learn that an employee’s financial well-being is related to intention to quit, you are able to develop strategies and interventions around this aspect of well-being. For example, you might provide financial management resources to your employees.

The survey results can give you direction and insight into your employee population as well as insight into possible initiatives that will encourage top performance.

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