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Many elements of life, including factors at work, home and in communities, may impact employees’ ability to perform at work, their desire to stay with your organization and their ability to be fully engaged at work. Yet most research and most interventions aimed at improving performance focus only on at-work elements. These are important but represent only half the story.

The other half is your employees’ lives. Did you know that such relatively inexpensive interventions as a series of financial planning seminars could have as much or more impact on the retention of high-performing employees than more complex transformation initiatives? Did you know that addressing the reasons people work and ensuring they are satisfied that the reasons they work are being met may be as important as making sure they enjoy their tasks, co-workers and advancement?

These are just some of the initial findings from the University of St. Thomas Work and Well-being Study (UST-WWS). We invite you to learn more by reading some of our initial findings, below. We also invite you to consider joining the UST-WWS Corporate Roundtable, for companies interested in a deeper involvement in this research.

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