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Principles of Marketing (MKTG 300) Students

If you are currently enrolled in Principles of Marketing (MKTG 300), you must fulfill a research requirement equivalent to 3 hours of research participation. All of the MKTG 300 research studies are designed by OCB faculty and take place in the BRC. For directions to the BRC see below.

If you are not a MKTG 300 student but would be interested in participating in research (usually for cash compensation) please see our information for paid participants.

How to Complete the MKTG 300 Research Requirement

  1. Visit the Sona site to view available sessions and sign up for your research credits. Remember, you must earn 3 research credits total. In most cases, this means you will need to sign up for 3 different studies worth 1 credit each.
  2. Attend the research session you signed up for on time and give your full attention to the material in the study. The BRC research assistant conducting each session will grant you credit in Sona only after you attend the session and participate. 
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have earned 3 credits.

Directions to the BRC

To get to the Behavior Research Center come to Terrence Murphy Hall on the Minneapolis campus and take the elevators down one floor to the basement (LL). Turn left out of the elevators and walk past the print/copy center to the BRC main entrance on your right (LL13). Enter the waiting room and check in with the experimenter.

BRC Policies and Procedures

All session begin promptly at their posted start time. If you arrive late you may not be admitted to the session and will need to reschedule, regardless of the reason (i.e., shuttle was late), so please make sure you allow ample travel time in your plans to attend a session.

You will not be allowed to bring any food or drink into the BRC during your session and we ask that you leave large items (such as backpacks) in the cubbies in the reception area.

The BRC is not responsible for the security of personal items during sessions.

Sona Website

You can access the Sona Systems website at

If you are interested in signing up for a study, please see the Sona website.

Research Requirement Overview

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is a marketing lab and why is it important?

The majority of marketing professors at the Opus College of Business not only teach, but also conduct research aimed at improving the field’s understanding of customers, markets and business practices. The outcome of this research gets disseminated through academic conferences, journals and ultimately textbooks and mass media to help students and professionals become more effective business leaders. A school’s research productivity also gets incorporated into external evaluations (e.g. rankings), and as external evaluations of the Opus College of Business increase in the coming years, so too does the value of your degree.

To support this research activity, the world’s top marketing programs implement research participation requirements in which students engage in their faculty’s research. In marketing, these studies often look at how consumers evaluate products, make purchase decisions, process marketing communications, use social media, etc. The benefits of this practice are twofold – the school benefits by increasing the research productivity of its faculty, and the students get an insider’s perspective into the world of scholarly research in marketing.

What do I have to do for the research requirement?

As explained in the syllabus, your course grade depends, in part, upon your fulfillment of the marketing research requirement. Failure to complete this requirement will result in losing one third of a letter grade (e.g. from A to A- or from B- to C+). In instances where the professor chooses not to use the plus/minus system, this could lead to a full drop in a letter grade (e.g. from a B to a C). To fulfill this requirement, you must participate in three credited hours of research in the OCB Marketing Labs. Participation itself is ungraded and you will not be harmed in any way – some of the studies may even be fun. Lab sessions are run throughout the semester and roughly 30% more opportunities are scheduled than needed so that you can choose times and research topics that are best for you. It is highly recommended not to wait until the end of the semester to fulfill your requirements, as availability of lab sessions naturally grows more limited in the final days of the term.

If you prefer not to participate in the research, the alternative is to write a research summary (850 of your own words minimum for each) of a journal article that has been written by members of our OCB faculty. Each article summary will count as one hour of research credit. The course requirement may be fulfilled by a combination of participation in lab sessions and/or summarizing articles; for example, participating in two hours of research and summarizing one article. However, there is no partial credit for this requirement.

How do I participate in marketing labs?

Research ID and Password:By Thursday, September 18, you will receive an email from the OCB Marketing Labs website (aka Sona) with a research ID and password to be used to sign up for lab sessions. Note that the research ID and password are different from your UST ID and password. Students are assigned a random research ID so that your identity remains anonymous when you participate in studies.

Preliminary Questionnaire: By Friday, September 26, at 5 p.m. you must log into the OCB Marketing Labs system (Sona) and complete a brief preliminary questionnaire (roughly 10-15 minutes) that will ask things like your age, gender, and questions that measure individual differences and personality traits. This information will be shared with each researcher so that you don’t have to repeatedly answer the same questions for each of the studies.

Signing Up for Lab Sessions: Starting on or around September 29, lab studies will be available on Sona for to you begin signing up (Note: You will only be able to sign up once you complete the preliminary questionnaire). For each study there will be multiple time slots available. All of the study sessions will be conducted in the Behavioral Research Lab (BRC) in Murphy Hall (TMH LL13) on the Minneapolis campus. If you have signed up for a session and later learn that you cannot make it, it is very important that you cancel your signup in Sona as early as possible so that someone else can use your spot.

Lab Session Dates: Lab sessions will be scheduled throughout the semester beginning the week of September 29 and ending Friday, December 5 (a week before the end of the semester). We encourage you to complete the research requirement early during the semester when there are more lab session slots and your schedule is less busy.

Attending Lab Sessions: Arrive on time (and remember to give yourself time to travel to the Minneapolis campus if you are coming from St. Paul). If you arrive after a session has started, you will not be able to participate and will have to reschedule. Bring your Research ID to each lab session as you will need to provide it to the researcher in order to receive credit while maintaining your anonymity.

Receiving Credit: Your participation in each lab session will be entered into Sona within 2 business days of your session. You will receive an email confirming your research credit.

Status Updates: You will receive an email update reminding you about this requirement and updating you on your participation to date at least twice during the semester. You can also check your credit completion status at any time by logging into Sona. 

How do I complete the journal article summaries?

Finding an Article: Each year we preselect articles written by members of our faculty for you to read and review. These are the articles available to you this year. You are required to write your summaries on one of the preselected articles; summaries written on other articles will not be accepted.

Summary Formatting: Prior to submitting your summary, please make sure that each summary you turn in conforms to the following requirements:

  • Include the name of the article and the author/researcher, your full name, research ID, name of your MKTG 300 instructor and your section day/time (e.g., T/R 3:25 p.m.) on the first page of the summary. If this information is not provided, your summary will be returned and you will need to resubmit it!
  • Summarize the entire article (not just one section) in sufficient detail to demonstrate you read and understood the complete article.
  • Each summary must be at least 850 of your own words. Text taken directly from the article including the title and authors or quotes do not count toward the length requirement.

Summary Submission: Each summary should be sent as a Word document (.doc or .docx) to

Summary Deadline: All summaries must be submitted not later than 5 p.m. on Friday, December 12. Late submissions will not be accepted for credit and no partial credit will be granted for this requirement.

Receiving Credit: Each summary will be reviewed by a member of the OCB Marketing faculty to determine whether it demonstrates an understanding of the article, after which you will be informed of your credit status. Summaries that do not meet the above criteria will not receive credit. It may take up to one week before you receive credit.

What if issues arise or I have questions about the requirement?

While there is no reason to anticipate problems, if you do have an issue (e.g. with how you’ve been treated), contact the Marketing Labs coordinator, Omesh Johar ( He will then bring your issue to the marketing labs committee for resolution. The resolution process may include hearing from you as well as the researcher; you may appeal the outcome of such a hearing to the Dean of the Opus College of Business. As this is a course requirement, the university’s Academic Integrity policy is in effect. Allegations of academic misconduct will be reviewed by the committee before sanctions are applied.

If you have any questions about the requirements during the semester, contact Omesh Johar,

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