Ashley Stadler Blank

Assistant Professor, Marketing

(651) 962-5078

2115 Summit Ave
McNeely Hall 314
St. Paul, MN 55105

B.S., Sport Management, Xavier University
M.B.A., Master of Business Administration, University of Central Florida
Masters, Sport Business Management, University of Central Florida
Ph.D., Marketing, Penn State University

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Ashley Stadler Blank is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing at the Opus College of Business. Her research interests are behavioral in nature and focus on products, services, and consumption experiences that incorporate consumer participation (with a substantive interest in sport marketing). Her research has been published in Management Science, Psychometrika, Sport Marketing Quarterly, and Sport Marketing Review. Prior to completing her Ph.D. in Marketing at the Pennsylvania State University, Stadler Blank worked in the sport industry after earning an M.B.A. and Master of Sport Business Management from the University of Central Florida and a B.S. in Sport Management from Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Spring 2018 Courses
Spring 2018 Courses
Crs - Sec Title Days Time Location
MKTG 370 - L01 Consumer Behavior M - W - - - - 1335 - 1510 MCH 108
Description of course Consumer Behavior : CRN: 21922 4 Credit Hours
In this course, students examine how consumers and organizations go about making purchase decisions. Major theoretical contributions and empirical research findings from marketing and the behavioral sciences are reviewed and attention is given to applying this information to practical business and marketing situations. Prerequisite: MKTG 300
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MKTG 490 - 01 Sport Marketing M - W - - - - 1525 - 1700 MCH 110
Description of course Sport Marketing : CRN: 21933 4 Credit Hours
The subject matter of these courses will vary from year to year, but will not duplicate existing courses. Descriptions of these courses are available in the Searchable Class Schedule on Murphy Online, View Searchable Class Schedule
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Summer 2018 Courses
Summer 2018 Courses
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Fall 2018 Courses
Fall 2018 Courses
Crs - Sec Title Days Time Location
MKTG 385 - 01 Sport Marketing M - W - - - - 1335 - 1510 MCH 109
Description of course Sport Marketing : CRN: 43013
The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of sport marking by examining its two core components: 1) marketing of sport and 2) marketing through sport. Students will learn about the unique aspects of sport marketing and how marketing sport differs from marketing other (more traditional) products in terms of product, price, promotion, and place (or distrubution).
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MKTG 625 - 222 Marketing Frameworks See Details * *
Description of course Marketing Frameworks : CRN: 43019 1.5 Credit Hours
Marketing Frameworks is designed to build a practical understanding of the frameworks and tools that are frequently used to solve marketing problems. The course will examine strategy formulation and the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) tied to a thorough assessment of the marketplace (company, competitors, customers, etc.). Students will develop essential skills related to using marketing research, performing quantitative and qualitative analysis, and critically thinking about marketing decisions related to strategy and tactics. Prerequisites: None
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SCH 4191800-210006 Nov '18
SCH 4191800-210020 Nov '18
SCH 4191800-210004 Dec '18
Academic and Professional Positions
  • Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul / Minneapolis (2016 - present)
  • Instructor/Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University, University Park (2011 - 2016)
  • Instructor, College of Mount St. Joseph, Cincinnati (2010 - 2011)
  • Temporary Faculty, Xavier University, Cincinnati (2009 - 2010)
  • Premium Seating Sales and Services Coordinator, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh (2008 - 2008)

Professional Memberships
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • North American Society for Sport Management
  • Society of Consumer Psychology
  • Sport Marketing Association

Professional Service
  • American Marketing Association, Reviewer
  • Association for Consumer Research, Reviewer
  • Society of Consumer Psychology, Reviewer

Public Service
  • North Star Therapy Animals, Other
  • Presbyterian Homes & Services, Other

  • DeSarbo, W. S., Chen, Q., & Stadler Blank, A. (forthcoming). A parametric constrained segementation methodology for application in sport marketing. Customer Needs and Solutions,
  • Stadler Blank, A., Koenigstorfer, J., & Baumgartner, H. (forthcoming). "Sport team personality: It's not all about winning!". Sport Management Review,
  • Stoner, J., Loken, B., & Stadler Blank, A. (forthcoming). The name game: How naming products increases psychological ownership and subsequent consumer evaluations. Journal of Consumer Psychology,
  • DeSarbo, W. S., Stadler Blank, A., & Kim, S. (2017). Sports diaspora: A national survey of NFL fan dispersion. SportsBusiness Journal, (20)(26), p.26
  • DeSarbo, W. S., Hwang, H., Stadler Blank, A., & Kappe, E. (2015). Constrained stochastic extended redundancy analysis. Psychometrika, (80)(2), pp. 516-534
  • Kappe, E., Stadler Blank, A., & DeSarbo, W. S. (2014). A general multiple distributed lag framework for estimating the dynamic effects of promotions. Management Science, (60)(6), pp. 1489-1510
  • Stadler Blank, A., Sweeney, K., & Fuller, R. D. (2014). Room for growth in professional sport: An examination of the factors affecting African-American attendance. Sport Marketing Quarterly, (23)(4), pp. 225-240
  • DeSarbo, W. S., Stadler Blank, A., & McKeon, C. S. (2012). Proper mix of promotional offerings can produce for teams. SportsBusiness Journal,

Books and Chapters

Research Interests
  • Consumer behavior
  • Behavioral pricing
  • Brand personality
  • Consumer participation
  • Sport marketing

Awards and Honors
  • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Pennsylvania State University, 2015
  • Doctoral Dissertation Competition Winner, Fordham University Pricing Center, 2015
  • Fund for Excellence in Graduate Recruitment Scholarship, Pennsylvania State University, 2011
  • Haring Symposium Representative, Pennsylvania State University, 2014
  • Jeanne and Charles Rider Graduate Fellowship, Pennsylvania State University, 2014
  • Jerome E. Scott Memorial Scholarship, Pennsylvania State University, 2014
  • Petere E. Liberti and Judy D. Oian Scholarship, Pennsylvania State University, 2015

  • "Factors affecting women's attendance at and consumption of professional sporting events" North American Society for Sport Management, Denver, Colorado, June 01, 2017
  • "Major drivers of MLB attendance: The Pittsburgh Pirates 2010 attendance study" MinneAnalytics Sport Analytics Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 01, 2017
  • "Sports team personality: It's not all about winning!" North American Society for Sport Management, Ottawa, Canada, June 01, 2015
  • "Putting a price on participation: A fairness perspective" Marketing Academic Research Colloquium, Washington, District of Columbia, May 01, 2014
  • "Putting a price on participation: A fairness perspective" Haring Symposium, Bloomington, Indiana, April 01, 2014
  • "Brand personality of professional sports teams" European Association for Sport Management, Istanbul, Turkey, September 01, 2013
  • "Room for growth in American professional sports: The value of appealing to a diverse audience" North American Society for Sport Management, Austin, Texas, June 01, 2013
  • "Consumer participation and price perceptions: How bad news is still good news for marketers" Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference, San Antonio, Texas, March 01, 2013