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Criteria & Nominations


All full-time faculty members who have been members of OCB for at least three years and who do not hold endowed chairs are eligible for this award. Nominees cannot have won this award during the previous three years.

Criteria for Evaluation

The award will be based on a faculty members’ research record over the prior three calendar years. Once a work has been included as part of a Susan E. Heckler Research Excellence Award winner’s body of work, it will no longer be considered for future awards. A faculty member’s research will be evaluated in accordance with the strategic vision of the Opus College of Business, which reads: "We primarily focus our scholarship and curricula to contribute to the enhancement of business operations through the development, understanding, application and practice of business theory. However, we value all forms of intellectual inquiry and encourage scholarship at the intersection of business and ethics, social justice, leadership or pedagogy." Evaluating a faculty member’s research will entail consideration of a number of factors, including:

  • The number and quality of publications during the preceding three calendar years
  • The number and quality of conference presentations
  • The number and quality of conference proceedings
  • The quality of journals, proceeding and other publications in which the work appears
  • The number and prestige of any awards won by the faculty member's articles or publications
  • The impact of the scholarlycontribution to the discipline considering the stage of his or her academic career

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by department chairs, other faculty or be self-nominated. In order to be considered for the award, nominees must submit an application packet (preferably electronically) that includes:

1. The nominee’s current curriculum vitae

2. A one-page research statement. The research statement should address:

  • the overall contribution of the research to the field and to practice
  • the rationale behind the nominee’s research stream
  • key research questions examined
  • the development of the research stream over time
  • plans for future research

3. Copies, preferably electronic, of the nominee’s journal articles (published, in press or under review), conference proceedings and presentations, book chapters and books from the last three years.

4. Verification of any research awards or recognition the Nominee has received in the last three calendar years.

5. Any other documentation that helps to establish the excellence of the nominee’s research.

Applications (preferably electronic) must be submitted by March 30, 2018, to:

David Deeds
Schulze Hall Room 435
(214) 682-5049

Evaluation Process

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprising the endowed chairs in the Opus College of Business (currently this includes those holding the David & Barbara Koch Chair, 3M Chair in Global Business, Opus Chair in Family Business, Qwest Endowed Chair, Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration and Schulze Chair in Entrepreneurship), a representative (preferably tenured and research active) from any department without an endowed chair selected by the department chair, a representative of the Opus College of Business Research Committee and the prior year’s winner of the Susan E. Heckler Research Excellence Award.


In addition to recognition, the winner of the Susan E. Heckler Research Excellence Award will receive a $1,000 stipend and a $4,000 research grant funded by the endowed chairs and the Opus College of Business. The research grant can be used to fund the winner’s future research, and therefore need not be spent in the year the award is received. Eligible uses include, but are not limited to, travel for conferences or data gathering, purchase of databases or software, hiring a graduate assistant or funding a survey. The research grant may not be used for summer salary or in any other manner to provide salary support for the award winner.

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