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Criteria & Nominations


All full-time faculty members who have been members of OCB for at least three years are eligible for this award. Nominees cannot have won this award during the previous three years.

Criteria for Evaluation

The award will be based on a faculty member’s service record over the course of his or her years of service to the university, with due consideration to a faculty member’s status and stage of academic career. Service includes both service to the institution – department, college and university service – and external service to the profession and community. Although all forms of service contributions will be considered, more weight will be given to internal service as it often goes unrecognized and unrewarded, yet is essential to our shared governance processes and to the healthy functioning of the college. The evaluation of a faculty member’s service record requires consideration of the leadership roles a faculty member has played, the quality and impact of his or her work, and the contributions he or she has made to the effective operation of the college and university and to the external communities served by the college. Outstanding service can be demonstrated by, among other things, evidence of chairing or being an active member of significant department, college or university committees, taskforces or groups; providing exceptional mentoring to  university colleagues; being an officer or contributing member of a professional or academic organization that substantially enhances the stature of the college; and serving in a leadership role in activities external to the university that contributes to the fulfillment of the college mission or has a substantial impact on the community. 

In making its selection, the award committee will also consider the service expectations of the Opus College of Business from our Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure (EPT) document, which reads: “It is essential that all faculty members contribute to the operation and well-being of the University and its broader communities. Our shared values call upon members of our faculty to be responsible for creating a culture that supports individuals in our community and maintains an environment that fosters ethical stewardship. Service includes work done to benefit students, departments, the OCB, the University, the community at large, the academic profession, and other communities. Service also includes working cooperatively with faculty and staff colleagues to serve the best interest of the college, the university and society. It is the obligation of each of us to make contributions to our University and our profession that go beyond scholarship and teaching.” (OCB Standards and Procedures for Annual Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure, at 13)

Once service contributions have been included as part of a winner’s award, these same service contributions will not be considered again should prior award winners be nominated for future Opus College of Business Awards for Outstanding Service.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by full-time college faculty or staff.  Nominations must include a letter documenting the nominee’s service record and a current Curriculum Vitae.  In addition, nominees can submit other documentation in support of their case that helps to establish their service record and accomplishments, including documentation of awards or recognition for their service.

Evaluation Process

Nominations will be reviewed by a five-person ad hoc committee appointed by the Faculty Advisory Committee. The selection committee will be comprised of tenured faculty persons with 6 or greater years of service to the college, including the prior year’s winner of the award.


In addition to recognition, the recipient will receive a $1,000 award and a plaque.

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