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Academics & Curriculum

The Executive MBA curriculum focuses on key business fundamentals, leadership development and the global nature of business. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but during online courses, an international residency program and through special group projects that address the current business needs of local community organizations.

Our faculty is committed to ensuring that each participant masters the required courses. Our cohort model of learning ensures a supportive, team-based environment for participants balancing the challenges of a rigorous program with the demands of their professional and personal lives.

Learning Goals

The Executive MBA program has been carefully designed to meet the accreditation standards of the AACSB. In addition to achieving the strategic management and participant standards of the accrediting body, this program delivers on its promise to guarantee four assurance of learning standards for all program participants. These assurances of learning include:


Leadership is at the core. The most powerful leaders eliminate challenges for others and motivate teams to work together. Our leadership development program ensures that participants understand how to maximize their effectiveness everywhere they practice leadership – in their personal lives, at work, and in the communities they serve.

Business Acumen

Our faculty is dedicated to delivering a tradition of rigorous content that challenges each participant to acquire a set of highly developed skills so he or she can become a better leader. Our participants master the fundamentals so they can effectively navigate the complexities inherent in the technical and human side of business.

Critical Thinking

Today's leaders must be able to think critically and act quickly to help their organizations maintain their competitive edge. This program challenges participants to alter their point of view so they interpret data differently, thus establishing an environment where problem-solving moves business forward in new ways.

Ethical Decision Making

We believe that ethics is not only an essential component of leadership – it is a mark of professionalism. The Executive MBA develops leaders who will challenge themselves at every step to address vital issues and competing demands through an ethical point of view.

Global Business Focus

Business decisions are affected by a diverse set of cultural, societal, economic and political factors. Executives who can effectively manage these influences thrive as leaders and help their organizations succeed. They understand how to deal with the differences that arise from the many systems active in business operations.

Our participants benefit from integrated coursework that explores the following within a global context:

  • Organizational governance
  • Market-based economies
  • Social and political factors that affect business
  • Financial management and international risk
  • Information technology
  • Social justice and business ethics

Our cohorts enhance their knowledge through an international residency that brings them face-to-face with emerging and established economies.

The 10-day program delivers a well-rounded experience that includes site visits, business meetings, class time and personal reflection. Guided tours and special events immerse participants in the culture of the region.

Cohorts have traveled to Berlin, India, Vietnam and China. Our participants report that the international residency program is an integral part of their learning and growth.

Personal Coaching

Our participants benefit from coaching that is tailored to maximize their leadership effectiveness.

A customized work plan serves as a guide that aligns personal goals with information gathered through assessment tools exploring:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Managerial behavior
  • Critical thinking skills

The process is administered by experts in professional development. Concepts, interwoven into coursework, allow faculty members to serve as mentors and participants to engage in the process by offering feedback to fellow cohort members.

A wellness initiative for Executive UST MBA participants provides instruction and support in the areas of:

  • Energy Management
  • Establishing priorities
  • School and work/life balance
  • Travel related challenges

The plan, co-developed by faculty, staff, and participants, honors our commitment to ensuring a positive academic experience for all cohort members.

Cohort Model

The Executive MBA program is structured around a cohort model that emphasizes teamwork and leadership. You will complete all of your coursework with the same group of students in 21 months.

A typical cohort has 30 to 40 leaders and managers who differ in their industries and functional specialties. What they have in common is a high level of leadership or managerial responsibility. The cohort's wealth of experience enriches class discussions and team interactions.

Students draw upon their collective experiences to better understand and experiment with new concepts and approaches to leadership and management in their organizations.

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