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Join a network of leaders moving business forward.

In the Executive MBA program, we know that business professionals who can think strategically and implement their vision with integrity can ensure their organization’s ongoing success.

Why an Executive MBA? Why now?
  • Accelerate your career momentum and gain a strategic, holistic understanding of your organization.
  • Take advantage of a flexible, 21-month format with strong service and support.
  • Gain tools, strategies and insights you can apply immediately through weekend courses that create an intensive, goal-oriented environment.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich, challenging learning environment facilitated by a dynamic cohort model.
  • Personal coaching and mentoring targeting leadership development.
  • Rigorous curriculum prepares you to lead in a complex, global marketplace.
  • International residency builds confidence to navigate complex systems.
  • Gain skills to master the technical and social sides of business.
  • An emphasis on considering values and ethics in making strategic decisions.
  • Tradition of excellence with strong connections to business and the community.

In all it does, the Opus College of Business never forgets its vision: to excel in educating highly principled global business leaders.