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Graduate Business Career Services is here to help students put their degrees to work in the real world.


All Opus College of Business graduate students are welcome to schedule an appointment for advice on career options, to brush up on interviewing skills or to have a professional review your résumé or cover letter. Coaches can point you toward workshops, print materials and the latest online career enhancement resources, and are available during office hours and by appointment.


Sow the seeds of a successful business career. Our office can match your profile of unique talents, interests and values to specific business fields.


Our primary tool is the CareerLeader® business interest inventory, which includes the Business Career Interest Inventory (BCII), the Leadership Motivation Profile and the Leadership Skills Profile.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI can help you with career planning at every stage of life, from your choice of subjects and majors in school, to choosing your first career, to advancing in your organization or changing careers later in life.

Sign Up for a Career Assessment

For more information on career assessments, please contact the career services office.

Mock Interviews

We offer two options to aid interview success. You can hone your interview skills by scheduling mock interviews where you practice interviewing with a career coach or a panel of coaches. The interview questions are tailored toward the specific position andyour background and experience.

Contact Graduate Business Career Services to schedule an appointment.

GBCS also has partnered with Interview Stream to offer students and alumni free interview practice at home via computer. You have the ability to customize your questions and practice answering them. Career coaches then assess the “interview” and provide relevant feedback, ensuring you are answering each behavioral interview question appropriately with the right level of enthusiasm. 

International Students

International students often benefit from specialized guidance on approaching the cultural and professional challenges of a business career in the U.S. We are happy to offer a host of valuable services.

Culture and Career Issues

The GBCS staff can help you navigate cultural differences in résumé or cover letter preparation, networking etiquette or interviewing styles. Often, it is the small differences in style, emphasis or body language that make a job search successful.

Sponsorship for U.S. Employment

Finding companies willing to sponsor international students for full-time jobs after graduation is extremely challenging.

International students should:

  1. Stay in close contact with UST International Student Services on the St. Paul campus regarding current regulations.
  2. Work with GBCS coaches to maximize their opportunities.

Mentor Program

The benefits of organized mentor programs are invaluable. Students gain confidence, exposure and networking skills when working with a mentor who can guide them professionally and educationally. The career center ensures that each interested student nearing graduation is matched with an appropriate mentor who works in the student’s desired discipline and industry.

Shadow Day

Shadowing a professional during his or her workday provides students a window into the industry joys and challenges. GBCS offers students the option to participate in Shadow Day opportunities and expand their network while learning from the best.

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