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Why a UST MBA?

Our distinctive MBA program does more than provide students with business knowledge – it enhances their decision-making skills, instills confidence and prepares them to go beyond the ordinary in the workplace.

Business graduates stand during the Opus College of Business Commencement May 24, 2014 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.


A St. Thomas MBA education is leadership education. Our students learn to reason critically, act wisely and work skillfully in any environment. They study the concepts critical to a solid understanding of business then apply their skills in a real-world setting by managing a consulting project. This means St. Thomas MBA graduates learn to quickly acclimate themselves and make an impact in your organization.


Our commitment to excellence ensures that students are mentored, coached and challenged throughout their academic experience. Case discussions, experiential labs, guest speakers and corporate visits all focus on ways for our graduates to hone their decision-making skills. This emphasis on ethics contributes to the long-term success and reputation of your organization.


We live and work in a global market where organizations of all sizes are faced with both international and domestic competition. St. Thomas MBA students and alumni are prepared for this arena because of the emphasis our curriculum places on collaboration across cultures and big picture strategizing. More than 30 percent of St. Thomas MBA students are from outside of the United States, ensuring that our student's global awareness is rooted in real-world experience.

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