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Hire St. Thomas MBA students for your summer work needs

Does your department or organization have a project that never seems to get started? Create a summer internship and check it off the list!

Our Full-Time Flex MBA students are seeking internship and special project opportunities for the summer. The students have professional work experience and technical skills with backgrounds in finance, marketing, analytics and more. When you hire a Tommie, you gain access to professionals skilled in communication, ethical decision-making, who are culturally competent and team oriented.

MBA Internship Program

Full-time Flex MBA students are seeking internships that will provide a relevant, resume-building experiences where they can take ownership for the execution of an essential need for your organization.

You may engage interns in one specific project or a combination of deliverables (short or longer-term). Students are available to work up to 40 hours per week from the first week of June through the third week in August. Some employers extend a part-time internship after the summer months.

Meet Our Students

‌St. Thomas Full-time MBA alumni, during the tenure in the program, have interned at industry leaders including General Mills, United Health Group, Medtronic and 3M among many others.

To find a list of current students seeking opportunities, along with a‌ description of their areas of interest and individual skillsets, download our Full-Time MBA Talent Roster.

FT MBA Student Talent Roster Cover Photo

Next Steps

If you already have a role or project in mind, please submit a request. A representative from the Opus College of Business will follow up with you to answer questions.  We can also provide position description templates upon request.

Additional questions? Contact Colleen Sauter at or (651) 962-8803.

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