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Assignments, Registration & Grading

BUSN 200 is a no-credit, no-cost course required for completion of your undergraduate business administration degree in all concentrations in the Opus College of Business. 

We'll work with you to set up clear learning objectives for your project and ways to evaluate your progress towards them. As you work towards these goals, your nonprofit partner will benefit from your service at the same time you're developing new skills. This win-win situation is good for you, for your community and for St. Thomas.


All assignments for BUSN 200 can be found on the BUSN 200 Blackboard page.

The BUSN 200 course is located in Blackboard under the "My Courses" section. If you are unable to access the Blackboard course, please call the BUSN 200 Center at (651) 962-5025 or email and you will be enrolled.

Spring, Summer and Fall Semester Registration

Registration for BUSN 200 is through Murphy, like other classes at UST (the exception being J-Term, which is explained below).

Review the BUSN 200 sections carefully. Your classes will always meet at the same time on the same day of the week. However, note that your class only meets four times during the semester

J-Term Registration

To register for BUSN 200 for J-Term, you must first complete and submit the J-Term Permission Request Form.

  1. Contact the BUSN 200 center by email to request the J-Term Registration Permission Request Form.
  2. Upon completion, return the permission request form by email to
  3. After review of your application, you will either be registered for J-Term or you will be contacted if there are additional questions.

To be registered for J-Term, you need to be certain that you can complete all 40 hours during J-Term; no hours can be rolled over to spring semester.  Thus, if you don’t finish all BUSN 200 requirements by the last day of classes in J-Term, you will need to start BUSN 200 - including all of your service hours - over again in spring semester.

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