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The Department of Finance is the home of the graduate program in business economics and of undergraduate and graduate programs in finance and real estate. 

The World of Money

Financial professionals work with precision – often under pressure – to manage large amounts of money in complex environments. We prepare students for this exciting world by teaching them to thoroughly understand financial markets and accounting statements as well as how to use these numbers for analysis.

Through our undergraduate concentration in finance or graduate study programs, our students develop a thorough understanding of the three interrelated areas of money and capital markets, investments and financial management. Courses are designed to sharpen analytical skills and strengthen students’ ability to synthesize information.

Career opportunities include the interrelated areas of money and capital markets, investments and financial management. Positions can be found in every segment of society, particularly corporate finance, commercial banking, investment banking or financial services.

We welcome you to explore our programs, faculty and options for study. Feel free to contact us with questions or for further information.

The World of Real Estate

Real estate is a sophisticated field of study involving a diverse skill set.  In addition to well-developed communication skills, real estate professionals need the capacity to analyze population demographics, employment data and shopping patterns, all the while estimating construction and materials costs. They need to understand zoning and land use regulations. They need to know commercial real estate investing and development.  In other words, real estate is a business that goes far beyond selling houses. 

Real estate programs and electives are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Graduates of the B.S. in real estate program or the M.S. degree in real estate are involved in challenging careers involving real estate investment, analyses, financing and development.

The World of Markets, Strategy and Organizations

Business economics focuses on the internal structure of organizations and on the markets in which they operate.  The business economics faculty offers graduate-level survey economics courses for the UST MBC program, core courses for all UST MBA programs and electives in strategy, forecasting, the global economy and other advanced courses for students desiring more in-depth knowledge.

Courses in business economics are especially helpful for MBA students considering a career in consulting, and they can be excellent complements for students specializing in management, marketing, operations and finance.

Undergraduate Student Services & Advising: (651) 962-5544

Graduate Student Life & Advising: (651) 962-4200 (ask for an academic adviser)

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