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Ethics & Business Law

Core Values in Practice

The Department of Ethics and Business Law strives to be a leading center for education and scholarly inquiry into contemporary issues of ethics, law, business and society. Our faculty are respected scholars dedicated to developing thoughtful business leaders with insight into their ethical values and legal responsibilities.

Navigating a Dynamic Legal Environment

Rules and regulations have proliferated at all levels of the organization, and successful managers need to understand when and how to integrate legal considerations into their business planning and operations. Each Opus College of Business student is required to take one course concerning the legal environment in which businesses operate.

Developing Ethical Instincts

Leaders are expected to be able to recognize the ethical dimensions of decisions and to choose well in difficult situations. Our courses acquaint students with tools of ethical decision-making and with typical ethical challenges, both domestic and international. Each Opus College of Business student is required to take at least one course on business ethics.

Concentrated Study

The department offers a Legal Studies in Business concentration for undergraduate business majors. This interdisciplinary law and business program is one of only a few such programs in the country. We also offer a variety of business law and ethics courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in order to provide additional, in depth content for those interested in specialized areas of business.

We welcome you to explore our programs, faculty and options for study. Feel free to contact us with questions or for further information.

Undergraduate Student Services & Advising: (651) 962-5544
Graduate Student Life & Advising: (651) 962-4200 (ask for an academic advisor)

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