Logo and wordmark files have been shared with key communicators and marketers around campus. Please check to see if the marks are already in your department; if no one has them on-hand, you can access them via the download site. As you start using them, be sure to maintain the usage guidelines outlined in the toolkit

If you are accessing marks for use by an external vendor, be sure to share the usage guidelines with them as well.

No. All graphic elements of the brand must remain intact to ensure consistency - a key element for a successful brand.

When placing the logo, the required clear space around the logo and wordmark must be in place. If working with external vendors, make sure they are aware of this important design consideration.

The logo, wordmark and shield are considered trademarks of the university,

Licensing, pricing and distribution are finalized for New Aster, Avenir Next and Graduate, and have been installed on networked computers on campus. If your computer does not have the fonts, email IRT's Tech Desk; be sure to include your computer's asset code in your message.

If working with external vendors, they must also use the fonts on materials.

It depends. The seal should be used only on materials that come from the president's office or serve the core purposes of the institution (diplomas, commencement materials, etc.). It is not a marketing tool nor should it be used as such.

To determine if the seal is appropriate for your use, please email the specifics of the usage to brand@stthomas.edu.

Lato and Lora are the typefaces to use when consistency between print and Web are paramount. Lato is comparable to Avenir Next while Lora is comparable to New Aster. Lato and Lora are open source fonts and available free through Google Fonts:  fonts.google.com

For more information, please consult the Brand Toolkit under Fonts.

Rolling out a new brand takes time, and we are working on a long list of updates around campus. Some logos are either too costly to replace (office signs) or are considered part of St. Thomas' history (cornerstones) and will remain as-is.

If you have a backlog of materials in the old brand (i.e., letterhead), we encourage you to use up that stock and order new in the new brand.