Recent Publications and Funding

The Biology Department wishes to thank both internal and external sources of funding for their support.

Student research partners are indicated with an *.


Dr. Jennifer Cruise

  • Sharbrough J, Cruise JL, Beetch M*, Enright NM, Neiman M. Genetic variation for mitochondrial function in the New Zealand freshwater snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum. Journal of Heredity. 2017 Apr 29. doi: 10.1093/jhered/esx041.


Dr. Jayna Ditty

  • Ditty, J.L and Parales, R.E. (2017). Protocols for the measurement of bacterial chemotaxis to hydrocarbons. In: Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols. T.J. McGenity, K.N. Timmis, B.N. Fernandez (eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
  • Ditty, J.L., Nichols, N.N., and Parales, R.E. (2017). Protocol for the measurement of hydrocarbon transport in bacteria. In: Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols. T.J. McGenity, K.N. Timmis, B.N. Fernandez (eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin
  • Parales, R.E. and Ditty, J.L. (2017). Substrate transport. In: Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology (Cellular Ecophysiology of Microbes). T. Krell (ed.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
  • Parales, R.E. and Ditty, J.L. (2017). Chemotaxis. In Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology (Cellular Ecophysiology of Microbes). T. Krell (ed.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin.


Dr. Jill Manske and Dr. Jayna Ditty

  • Mahatmya, D., Morrison, J., Jones, R., Garner, P, Davis, S., Manske, J., Berner, N., Johnson, A., and Ditty. J.L. (2017) Pathways to Undergraduate Research Experiences: A Multi-institutional Study. Innovative Higher Education. doi:10.1007/s10755-017-9401-3.


Dr. Leah Domine

  • Stephanie E. Hampton, Aaron W. E. Galloway, Stephen M. Powers, Ted Ozersky, Kara H. Woo, Ryan D. Batt, Stephanie G. Labou, Catherine M. O’Reilly, Sapna Sharma, Noah R. Lottig, Emily H. Stanley, Rebecca L. North, Jason D. Stockwell, Rita Adrian, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer, Lauri Arvola, Helen M. Baulch, Isabella Bertani, Larry L. Bowman, Jr., Cayelan C. Carey, Jordi Catalan, William Colom-Montero, Leah M. Domine, Marisol Felip, Ignacio Granados, Corinna Gries, Hans-Peter Grossart, Juta Haberman, Marina Haldna, Brian Hayden, Scott N. Higgins, Jeff C. Jolley, Kimmo K. Kahilainen, Enn Kaup, Michael J. Kehoe, Sally MacIntyre, Anson W. Mackay, Heather L. Mariash, Robert M. McKay, Brigitte Nixdorf, Peeter Nõges, Tiina Nõges, Michelle Palmer, Don C. Pierson, David M. Post, Matthew J. Pruett, Milla Rautio, Jordan S. Read, Sarah L. Roberts, Jacqueline Rücker, Steven Sadro, Eugene A. Silow, Derek E. Smith, Robert W. Sterner, George E. A. Swann, Maxim A. Timofeyev, Manuel Toro, Michael R. Twiss, Richard J. Vogt, Susan B. Watson, Erika J. Whiteford, and Marguerite A. Xenopoulos. 2017. Ecology under lake ice. Ecology Letters 20(1): 98-111.


Dr. Leah Domine, Dr. Kyle Zimmer and Dr. Gaston E. "Chip" Small

  • MJ Vanni, PB McIntyre, D Allen, DL Arnott, JP Benstead, DJ Berg, Å Brabrand, S Brosse, PA Bukaveckas, A Caliman, KA Capps, LS Carneiro, NE Chadwick, AD Christian, A Clarke, JD Conroy, WF Cross, DA Culver, CM Dalton, JA Devine, LM Domine, MA Evans-White, B Faafeng, AS Flecker, KB Gido, C Godinot, RD Guariento, S Haertel-Borer, RO Hall, R Henry, BR Herwig, BJ Hicks, KA Higgins, JM Hood, ME Hopton, T Ikeda, WF James, HM Jansen, CR Johnson, BJ Koch, GA Lamberti, S Lessard-Pilon, JC Maerz, ME Mather, RA McManamay, JR Milanovich, DKJ Morgan, JM Moslemi, R Naddafi, J Petter Nilssen, M Pagano, A Pilati, DM Post, M Roopin, AT Rugenski, MH Schaus, J Shostell, GE Small, CT Solomon, SC Sterrett, Ø Strand, M Tarvainen, JM Taylor, LE Torres-Gerald, CB Turner, J Urabe, SI Uye, AM Ventelä, S Villéger, MR Whiles, FM Wilhelm, HF Wilson, MA Xenopoulos, KD Zimmer. 2017. A global database of nitrogen and phosphorus excretion rates of aquatic animals. Ecology 98(5): 1475.


Dr. Jerry Husak

  • J.F. Husak, J. C. Roy* and M. B. Lovern. (2017). Exercise training reveals trade-offs between endurance performance and immune function, but does not affect growth, in juvenile lizards. Journal of Experimental Biology 220:1497-1502. 
  • J.F. Husak. (2016). “Snowbird: Integrative Biology and Evolutionary Diversity in the Junco. Edited by Ellen D. Ketterson and Jonathan W. Atwell”. Invited book review. Journal of Field Ornithology, 87: 443-445.


Dr. Kurt Illig

  • Klipec WD, Burrow KR, O’Neill C, Lawyer CR*, Ostertag E, Bachtell RK, Illig KR, Cooper DC (2016) Loss of the trpc4 gene is associated with a selective reduction in cocaine reward and reduced spontaneous ventral tegmental area dopamine neuronal activity. Behavioural Brain Research, 306: 117-127. 


Dr. Adam Kay

  • Hu Y, Holway DA, Łukasik P, Chau L, Kay AD, LeBrun EG, Miller KA, Sanders JG, Suarez AV, Russell JA (in press) By their own devices: invasive Argentine ants have shifted diet without clear aid from symbiotic microbes. Molecular Ecology
  • Krist AC, Kay AD, Scherber E, Larkin K, Brown BJ, Lu D, Warren DT, Riedl R, Neiman M (2017) Evidence for extensive but variable nutrient limitation in New Zealand lakes. Evolutionary Ecology


Dr. Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt

  • Martinović-Weigelt D, Mehinto AC, Ankley GT, Berninger JP, Collette TW, Davis JM, Denslow ND, Durhan EJ, *Eid E, Ekman DR, Jensen KM. Derivation and Evaluation of Putative Adverse Outcome Pathways for the Effects of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors on Reproductive Processes in Female Fish. Sci. 2017. kfw257. DOI:
  • Schroeder AL, Martinović-Weigelt D, Ankley GT, Lee KE, Garcia-Reyero N, Perkins EJ, Schoenfuss HL, Villeneuve DL. Prior knowledge-based approach for associating contaminants with biological effects: A case study in the St. Croix River basin, MN, WI, USA. Pollut. 2017. Feb 28; 221:427-36.
  • Milsk, R., Cavallin, J.E., Durhan, E.J., Jensen, K.M., Kahl, M.D., Makynen, E.A., Martinović-Weigelt, D., Mueller, N., Schroeder, A., Villeneuve, D.L. and Ankley, G.T. A study of temporal effects of the model anti-androgen flutamide on components of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in adult fathead minnows. Toxicol. 2016. 180:164-172.
  • Mark Ferrey, Dalma Martinović, Will Backe, April Andrews. Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals of Concern in Rivers: Occurrence and Biological Effects, MNPollution Control Agency. Document number: tdr-g1-20. Jan 2017.


Dr. Jen McGuire

  • McGuire, J.T, (2016) The role of Medical Geology Curriculum in the context of new federal STEM priorities. Paper No. 217-T48. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 48, No. 7


Dr. Gaston E. "Chip" Small

  • Halvorson HM, Small GE (2016) Observational field studies are not appropriate tests of consumer stoichiometric homeostasis. Freshwater Science 35: 1103-1116.


Dr. Gaston E. "Chip" Small and Dr. Adam Kay

  • Small GE, Sisombath B*, Reuss L*, Henry R, Kay AD (in press) Assessing how the ratio of food waste to wood chips in compost affects rates of microbial processing and subsequent vegetable yield. Compost Management and Utilization. 


Dr. Amy Verhoeven

  • Merry R*, Jerrard J*, Frebault J*, Verhoeven AS (2017) A comparison of pine and spruce in recovery from winter stress; changes in recovery kinetics and the abundance and phosphorylation status of photosynthetic proteins during winter. Tree Physiology, In Press
  • García-Plazaola JI, Hernández A, Fernández-Marín B, Esteban R, Peguero-Pina JJ, Verhoeven A, Cavender-Bares J (2017) Photoprotective mechanisms in the genus Quercus in response to winter cold and summer drought. In Peguero-Pina JJ, Gil-Pelegrín E, eds. Oak physiological ecology. Exploring the functional diversity of genus Quercus L. Springer, In Press


Dr. Kyle Zimmer

  • Hanson, M.A., B.R. Herwig, K.D. Zimmer, and N. Hansel-Welch. 2017. Rehabilitation of shallow lakes: time to adjust expectations? Hydrobiologia 787:45-59.



Dr. Kerri Carlson and Ms. Dayius Turvold-Celotta

  • Carlson K, Turvold Celotta D, Curran E, Marcus M, and Loe M. (2016) Assessing the impact of a Multi-Disciplinary Peer-Led Team Learning Program on Undergraduate STEM Education. Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice.  13(1).

 Dr. Kerri Carlson

  • Cavallin, JE, Schroeder AL, Jensen KM, Villeneuve DL, Blackwell BR, Carlson K, Kahl MD, LaLone CA, Randolph EC and Ankley GT. (2015) Evaluation of whole-mount in situ hybridization as a tool for pathway-based toxicological research with early-life stage fathead minnows. Aquatic Toxicology.  169: 19-26.

 Dr. Jayna Ditty

  • Ditty, J.L. and R.E. Parales. (2015). Protocols for the measurement of bacterial chemotaxis to hydrocarbons. In T.J. McGenity, K.N. Timmis, B. Nogales (Eds.), Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

  Dr. Leah Domine

  • Hall EK, AM Amado, JB Cotner, LM Domine, AM Dzialowski, SE Jones, EG Stets, JT Lennon. 2015. Scaling relationships among drivers of aquatic respiration in temperate lakes: from the smallest to the largest freshwater ecosystems. Inland Waters 6: 1-10.

 Dr. Simon Emms

  • Ivey, C.T., L.S. Dudley, A.A. Hove, S.K. Emms, and S.J. Mazer. 2016. Outcrossing and photosynthetic rates vary independently within two Clarkia species: implications for the joint evolution of drought escape physiology and mating system.Annals of Botany in press.(Accepted for publication 19th May 2016)

 Dr. Sarah Heimovics

  • Heimovics SA, Prior NH, Ma C, Soma KK. (2016) Rapid Effects of an Aggressive Interaction on Dehydroepiandrosterone, Testosterone and Oestradiol Levels in the Male Song Sparrow Brain: a Seasonal Comparison. J Neuroendocrinol. Feb;28(2). doi: 10.1111/jne.12345.

 Dr. Jerry Husak

  • Husak, J. F., H. A. Ferguson*, and M. B. Lovern. 2016. Tradeoffs among locomotor performance, reproduction, and immunity in lizards. Functional Ecology, in press.
  • Wilson, R. S., J. F. Husak, C. Clemente, and L. Halsey. 2015. Predicting the movement speeds of animals in natural environments. Integrative and Comparative Biology 55:1125-1141.
  • Wilson, R. S., and J. F. Husak. 2015. Introduction to the symposium: towards a general framework for predicting animal movement speeds in nature. Integrative and Comparative Biology 55:1121-1124.
  • Husak, J. F. Measuring selection on physiology in the wild and manipulating phenotypes (in terrestrial non-human vertebrates). Comprehensive Physiology, 6:63-85.
  • (2015). “Integrative Organismal Biology: Edited by Lynn B. Martin, Cameron K. Ghalambor, and H. Arthur Woods”. Invited book review. Quarterly Review of Biology, 90:431-432.

 Dr. Kurt Illig

  • Klipec WD, Burrow KR, O’Neill C, Lawyer CR*, Ostertag E, Bachtell RK, Illig KR, Cooper DC (2016) Loss of the trpc4 gene is associated with a selective reduction in cocaine reward and reduced spontaneous ventral tegmental area dopamine neuronal activity. Behavioural Brain Research, 306: 117-127.

 Dr. Afshan Ismat

  • Lhamo, T. and Ismat, A. (2015), The extracellular protease stl functions to inhibit migration of v’ch1 sensory neuron during Drosophila embryogenesis, Mechanisms of Development 137, 1-10.

 Dr. Adam Kay

  • Kaspari M, Clay NA, Lucas J*, Revsen S, Kay AD, Yanoviak SP (2016) Thermal adaptation and phosphorus shape thermal performance in an assemblage of rainforest ants. Ecology.
  •  Seabloom EW  with 64 co-authors (AD Kay is a co-author) (in press) Plant Species’ origin predicts dominance and response to nutrient enrichment and herbivores in global grasslands. Nature Communications.

 Dr. Jill Manske

  • Manske, J.M. (in press), Maternal Influenza: Infection, Vaccination, and Compelling Questions. In M.M. Baddour (Ed.), Influenza.

 Dr. Jennifer McGuire

  • Ziegler, B.A*, McGuire, J.T., and Cozzarelli I.M. (2016) Rates of As and trace metal mobilization caused by Fe-reduction in mixed BTEX-ethanol experimental plumes. Environmental Science & Technology

 Dr. Gaston E. “Chip” Small

  • G.E. Small, J.C. Finlay, R.M.L. McKay, M.J. Rozmarynowycz, S. Brovold, G.S. Bullerjahn, K. Spokas, and R.W. Sterner. 2016. Large differences in potential denitrification and sediment microbial communities across the Laurentian great lakes. Biogeochemistry. DOI 10.1007/s10533-016-0212-x.
  • Loken, L.C., G.E. Small, J. C. Finlay, R. W. Sterner, E.H. Stanley. 2016. Nitrogen cycling in a freshwater estuary. Biogeochemistry 127: 199-216.
  • Small, G.E., M. Ardón, J.H. Duff, A.P. Jackman, C.M. Pringle, A. Ramírez, F.J. Triska. 2016. Phosphorus retention in a lowland neotropical stream following an eight-year phosphorus enrichment experiment. Freshwater Science 35: 1-11.

Dr. Amy Verhoeven

  • Verhoeven AS, Kertho A*, Nguyen M* (2016) Characterization of light-dependent regulation of state transitions in gymnosperms. Tree Physiology 36:325-334

Dr. Kyle Zimmer and Dr. Leah Domine

  • Ramstack-Hobbs, J, W Hobbs, M Edlund, K Zimmer, K Theissen, N Hoidal, L Domine, M Hanson, B Herwig, J Cotner. 2016. The legacy of large regime shifts in shallow lakes. Ecological Applications: in press.
  • Zimmer, KD, WO Hobbs, LM Domine, BR Herwig, MA Hanson, JB Cotner. 2016. Uniform carbon fluxes in shallow lakes in alternative stable states. Limnology and Oceanography 61: 330-340.

Dr. Kyle Zimmer

  • Zimmer, K.D., M.A. Hanson, and D.A. Wrubleski. 2016. Invertebrates in permanent wetlands (long-hydroperiod marshes and shallow lakes). In D. Batzer and D. Boix (eds.). Invertebrates in Freshwater Wetlands: An International Perspective on their Ecology. Springer.