Site 7: Pollinator Garden

Planted in Spring of 2015, this is the garden that started our Pollinator Path. It is composed of mostly perennial native Minnesota plants (many of which were donated by neighbors). Although all the flowers in this bed attract pollinators, there are a few favorites.  Golden Alexander, a late spring bloomer, is visited by many different pollinators.  Bees especially love the Monarda (a.k.a. bee balm or bergamot) and the Culver's Root, which bloom in July and early August.  Although the bees also like the different species of milkweed we have in the garden, butterflies, wasps, and beetles are attracted to the flowers as well and the plants themselves are host to a variety of insects that eat the leaves and flowers.


pollinator garden


Pollinators seen

cropped 2 wasps  cropped bumble and tiny bee

cropped bumble on monarda  cropped black wasp

cropped green sweat be on borage  cropped male skipper on black-eyed susan

cropped monarch on swamp milkweed  cropped tri-color bumble

cropped yellow-headed bee  cropped wasp

cropped honey bee & bumble  cropped bumble on golden alexander



Scientific Name

Common Name

Minnesota Native Perennials

Asclepias incarnata                  

 Swamp Milkweed
Asclepias syriaca             Common Milkweed 
 Monarda fistulosa                     Bergamot
 Veronicastrum virginicum  Culver’s Root
 Zizea aurea   Golden Alexander
Rudbeckia hirta   Black-Eyed Susan 
Hypericum perforatum   St. John’s Wort 
Aquilegia canadensis   Wild Columbine 
 Non-Minnesota Perennials and Annuals
 Hyssopus officinalis  Hyssop
 Borago officinalis Borage
Calendula officinalis  Calendula
Salvia officinalis  Sage
Achillea millefolium Yarrow
Stachys byzantium Lamb’s Ear



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