Site 6: Stewardship Garden

The Stewardship Garden is unique among the sites on our Path, being composed mainly of vegetables surrounded by a beautiful zinnia border that attracts many bees and butterflies.  This year, there are orange marigolds throughout the garden, making the entire site an huge advertisement for pollinator food sources.


stewardship garden



Pollinators seen

cropped beetle and bumble  cropped bumble on eggplant

cropped giant bumble  cropped honey bee on cuke

cropped native on watermelon  cropped swallowtail on zinnia

cropped swallowtail on zinnia2  cropped sweat bee on cuke


Dr. Adam Kay and his lab manage, research environmental factors and harvest vegetables from the Stewardship Garden.  The vegetables go to various community projects.  You can find out more about the interesting things going on in the Stewardship Garden by checking out their Facebook page:  UST Stewardship Garden.


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