Site 5: Service Center Planter


This planter is quite isolated--near a building in the middle of the parking lot.  However, a few pollinators have managed to find it, including a female ruby-throated hummingbird!


service center planter



Pollinators Seen

(including a hummingbird we weren't fast enough to photograph!)

cropped fly service center planter  cropped fly service center planter2

cropped bumble too big  cropped native science planters




Scientific Name

Common Name

Colocasia ‘Royal Hawaiian Black Coral’ Royal Hawaiian Black Coral Elephant Ear
Salvia guarantica ‘Black and Blue’                            Black and Blue Salvia  (attracts hummingbirds)
Heliotrope arborescens  ‘Scentropia Blue’ Scentropia Blue Heliotrope  

Euphorbia graminea   ‘Glitz’     

Glitz Euphorbia  

Osteospermum ecklonis ‘Tradewinds Trailing White'

Tradewinds Trailing White African Daisy 
Brachycome angustifolia  ‘Brasco Violet’    Brasco Violet Brachycome  
Calibrachoa x  ‘Superbells® White’    Superbells® White Calibrachoa 
Ipomoea batata ‘Sweet Georgia Light Green’  Sweet Georgia Light Green Sweet Potato Vine



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